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Munch with the Majors Brings Bigger Crowd in its Second Year

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The University at Albany’s Office of Student Engagement hosted its second annual Munch with the Majors event Wednesday evening in the Campus Center.

The event offers students an opportunity to discuss degree tracks and concentrations, post-graduate opportunities for majors, research, study abroad and/or internship opportunities with professors and advisers in a casual setting

Before last year’s inauguration, Munch with the Majors consisted of very small lunches with specific majors in which all sophomore intended majors were invited to meet with a few faculty members, but the turnouts were small.

However, students who attended found it transformational in that they suddenly left knowing exactly what course to take or what the possible tracks were and even learned about some internship opportunities. Thus, Dr. Linda Krzykowski, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Engagement and the organizer of Munch with the Majors, saw room for growth and improvement with the event.

“We needed to make it big,” Krzykowski said. “We needed to have all the majors come out and that’s what we tried last year for the first time and it worked really well.”

Krzykowski and the planning committee were given feedback that the space was too tight which resulted in having the background noise hinder ongoing conversations between professors and students.

Therefore, Munch with the Majors expanded from solely the Campus Center Ballroom in 2016, to adding the Fireside Lounge and Assembly Hall this year to accommodate the vast number of students attending the event.

We wanted the conversations to happen,” Krzykowski said. “Faculty love having those mentoring conversations with students.”

K’Paw Gay, a freshman biology intended major, found attending the event enriching because he not only got to speak with professors, but interact with peers of similar interests as well.

“It was cool. A lot of people at the tables were asking different questions. I had the same questions as some people and I related to them. Others asked questions that I couldn’t have even thought of so it was good,” Gay said.

Despite Munch with the Majors being only in its second year, it had over 800 students attend, nearly a 50 percent increase in student participation compared to that of the inaugural event. The spike in attendance makes Krzykowski excited for how much the event will continue to grow.

“The idea that a lot of students come out is a really powerful idea that you see all of your friends also interested in their academic success. It’s great that thousands of people go to the football and basketball games but thousands also come out and talk about their classes and majors,” Krzykowski said.

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