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MTVu Woodie Awards Press Conference: A$AP Rocky, MGK, & Dillon Francis

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 By Brandon J. Holmes
Staff Writer
[email protected]
During the SXSW music festival on March 14 Viacom will present the 2013 MTVu Woodie Awards in Austin, Texas.

The Woodie Awards honor every form of music that college students love, while highlighting the best new artists in the industry. The voting at the MTVu Woodie Awards is left entirely up to the fans.

The categories range from Tag Team Woodie, an award for the best collaboration, the “Breaking Woodie” for the hottest new artists, to the more obscure and unique like the new “FOMO” Woodie, which is awarded to the artist who puts on the best live performance that may give fans a Fear Of Missing Out.

Executive producer of the 2013 MTVu Woodie Awards Eric Conte said, “The show has propelled numerous recognized acts to the next level of their careers…If anybody saw the Grammy’s this year, it was like a Who’s Who of Woodies Years Past.”

The Woodies always brings in top acts to perform at the show such as Fun. and Walk the Moon. This year, the awards will host Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Viacom and MTVu offered an opportunity to college journalists to join a Press Conference with nominated electronic DJ Dillon Francis, as well as rappers A$AP Rocky and Machine Gun Kelly (MGK). The ASP took part in this press conference and got a few special questions in with A$AP Rocky and Dillon Francis.


Dillon Francis is a 25-year-old electronic DJ and pioneer of the Moombahton genre from Los Angeles, Calif. Francis is nominated for the Tag Team Woodie and the Breaking Woodie.

ASP: You work through a lot of different songs on your mixtapes. Have you ever thought of starting a festival tour?

DF: Actually, there’s an internet personality named Fat Jew. He’s going on tour with me as my MC for my world tour.

ASP: Everybody knows how much you love cats. Comments?

DF: (Laughs) Yeah, yeah, I love cats. (Laughs) Yeah. They’re my favorite animal.

ASP: Do you have any of your own?

DF: Yeah. His name is James Mittenfor Mittens Francis. He’s a tuxdeo– black and white cat. He’s an asshole. He just does not care about anything and the only time he wants to hang out [is when] you don’t want to hang out with him.

22-year-old A$AP Rocky from Harlem just released his first studio album titled Long. Live. A$AP. He is revered as one of the best hip-hop artists of this generation. Rocky is nominated for Woodie of the Year.

ASP: You’ve been rapping since you were eight yrs old. Can you tell us about that? What was the subject matter like?

A$AP: At eight, I wasn’t talking ‘bout a damn thing. I would just didn’t even make sense. But, everything rhymed. I would throw words that wasn’t real words together. Just to rhyme. I just knew I needed to throw words together to make rhymes. I used to rap about candy and Mortal Kombat and girls and stuff.

ASP: A lot of people have been commenting on your style, throwing around names like Cam’ron, Big Pun. Tell us about how you define your style.

A$AP: My career and personality and where I’m from, that’ll remind you of some many favorite people. So, my style is just unique to me cause it shows you the realness; you know, what’s going on. One thing I could say about me is: my style is trill. Bottom line.

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