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More Arrests Coming from Last Year’s Hazing Tragedy

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By Russell J. Oliver  11/17/2015

    Tuesday, Nov. 17  will mark the one-year anniversary of the death of Trevor Duffy. Duffy, 19 at the time, was forced to drink an excessive amount of alcohol during a hazing event at an unsanctioned University at Albany fraternity party on Nov. 16. He was later found unconscious in the bathroom and taken to the hospital, where the Bronx-born sophomore died of alcohol poisoning the following day.

     Eight arrests have now been made regarding this hazing event. Christopher Lyons, 22, was the most recent arrest. He turned himself over to the Albany City Court on Nov. 6. He was arrested for supplying alcohol at the underground fraternity’s initiation party to people underage and charged with Unlawfully Dealing with a Child in the First Degree, according to Steve Smith, Albany Police Department’s public information officer. Lyons faces up to a year in jail if convicted.

     The other seven suspects who have been arrested for the incident are all UAlbany students. Austin Bacchus and Joseph Angilletta, both 20, are the latest to turn themselves over to Albany police. Keith Rosengarten, also 20, was Duffy’s “big” brother at the fraternity.

     They face one misdemeanor count of hazing, which is illegal under New York penal law. They were charged for participating and directing the hazing that caused this incident to take place, according to Smith.

     The fraternity in question is the unsanctioned Zeta Beta Tau. The party took place at a frat house on Hamilton Street. Lyons provided bottles of Bacardi, Jack Daniels, Hennessy, vodka and whiskey to the party, according to police.

     Duffy was “required, ordered, and encouraged” to consume a half-gallon handle of vodka at the hazing party, according to the New York Daily News. He was then taken to Albany Medical Center after being found unconscious. Duffy’s alcohol level was seven times over the legal limit.

     The APD detectives have been working on this case since the incident took place, according to Smith. The investigation had to wait for lab results to be performed accurately, which is why the arrest took place a year after the hazing event occurred.

     “We do anticipate more arrests as the investigation goes forward,” Smith said.

     The Albany Police Department takes hazing and underground fraternities very seriously.

     “Specifically, any time a college student becomes the victim of a crime or a college student is arrested we make sure that we correspond with the university to make sure that action is taken,” he said.

     Smith stresses the APD’s collaborative relationship with UAlbany and other colleges in the region. He also states that they still take off-campus parties seriously as well.

     “A lot of these parties take place in homes in residential neighborhoods,” he said. “It’s certainly a quality of life issue for those who reside there.”

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