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Mail Services, Rapid Copy Get Temporary Home in Trailer

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University at Albany mail services and rapid copy centers will be relocated for approximately three years beginning this winter.

Students on Nov. 21 received an email from Institutional Services announcing that as part of the renovation of the Business Administration Building, or Building 27, the package services would be moved to modular trailers.

“The renovation of Building 27 is anticipated to take approximately thirty-six months after which the Mail Services and Rapid Copy centers will return to the space in Building 27,” read the email. “The move to their new home is currently scheduled to begin on Friday, Jan. 5 and be completed over that weekend.”

Mail Services holds all of the packages sent to students on campus, which they must retrieve after notification. The renovation will move these services to trailers in front of the Social Science dock, close to the original Mail Service site.

“The accessibility of packages will remain the same, since the location is still on campus and is in close proximity to the current location,” said Lampedusa, Mail Services manager. “There will be appropriate signage and accessibility in the temporary location to address all the needs of students.”

The university plans to gradually renovate each academic building on the uptown campus. The most recently completed projects were the Arts and Sciences building and the new Campus Center addition. The Business Administration building is next on the list of planned improvements.

“All the services will be improved due to the renovations,” said Lampedusa. “The temporary location has double the square footage and full capabilities to assist the UAlbany Community in all mail service related functions.”

“We are excited about the renovations. The renovation aligns with the university’s effort to improve the facilities and the quality of life on campus,” he added.

Management has assured the community that the new facilities are up to standard.

“Campus Facilities has done a truly outstanding job designing this transitional space,” Institutional Services director Gary Miller wrote in the Nov. 21 email.

The new location will certainly be a change for students. For many of them, the renovation will not be complete before they graduate.

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