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MAGA Mail Bomber a Product of Trump’s Rhetoric

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        This is how low we’ve sunk. In 2018, we have a president so thoroughly unconcerned with the ramifications of his actions it borderlines on sociopathic. President Donald Trump’s rhetoric has always been dangerous on a number of levels but what came out of Florida in the final weeks of October is something else entirely.

        Cesar Sayoc, the suspected Right-Wing Terrorist spent the runup to All Hallows Eve and Turkey Month, doing his best Unabomber impression by sending pipe bombs through the mail to prominent leftist Trump critics. Among those to receive a package were former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, California Representative Maxine Waters and actor Robert DeNiro. CNN headquarters was evacuated after receiving a Sayoc bomb as well. All of his targets, and the potential hundred more, have one thing in common: they have all, at one time or another criticized or been criticized by Trump.

        This was homegrown, domestic right-wing terrorism with a twist: it was inspired by the President of the United States.

Sayoc was a deranged, conspiracy peddling failed stripper who was working with a few jacks short of a deck, that’s not being disputed. He was not forced to do what he did. However, believing this incident to exist within as vacuum is both foolish and dangerous. This man was inspired by something and that something is big, dumb and orange, sitting at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.

Look no further than the MAGA Bomber’s van which doubled as his home. Every single inch of space is covered with Alt-Right stickers railing against the Democratic Party, the Clintons, the Obama Administration and, of course, the same CNN that both Sayoc and the President have a hobby of ranting about on Twitter.

It is obvious that Sayoc was mentally ill. This is a case of damaged brain essentially being hijacked by the rhetoric of Trump who made him feel like he wasn’t crazy. How can someone be crazy if the president is right there assuring you you’re right and have been right all along? No, Donald Trump didn’t tell Sayoc to bomb anyone. But he is responsible for creating an atmosphere which supports and encourages the actions of extremists, just so long as they are extreme for the same crap Trump is. Trump created the conditions for this, thus Trump created, at least in part, the MAGA Bomber.

        Despite it all, Sayoc, was not charged with terrorism. It is rare for domestic terrorists to be charged as such in the United States, probably because we want to continue this naïve tale of the foreign boogeyman coming to your borders to blow stuff up and take your freedoms. Early in the investigation, right-wing pundits like the headcases at Fox wanted to paint it as a conspiracy, calling it a false flag on the part of the Democrats before the Midterm Elections. That is terrifying. That is a unabashed party propaganda wing telling you to ignore your eyes and ears in favor of their version of reality, just like Trump has repeatedly urged his cult to do. It was an attempted to divert attention away from the idea of a man committing attempted murder in the name of the president and place blame onto the victims who, in this case, just so happen to also be their political opponents. That is spin doctoring on a abhorrent level.

        In a world wrought with questions here are some facts without the alternative option. Right-wing violence IS terrorism. Domestic terrorism IS terrorism even if the perpetrators are white, Republican Christians.

        Cesar Sayoc did not become the MAGA Bomber on a whim one day. What he did was the product of dangerous and often violent right-wing political venom that swells up in the White House, engulfs Capitol Hill and infests a startling part of this country. It was terrorism created by a president’s reckless disregard for decency, humanity, common sense or facts. It was just another example of why everyone so desperately needs to vote.

        Stop these people from dictating what America is or isn’t. VOTE!

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