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FACE Is a Fashion Opportunity for Students

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Students at the University at Albany who want to get opportunities in the fashion world, look no further. The Fashion Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs, or FACE for short, is an organization that allows students to work together creatively and share their ideas about fashion. FACE also allows students to get in contact with professionals in the field that can lead to potential connections in the fashion world.

“FACE serves as an outlet for both professional development for students interested in pursuing a career within the fashion industry as well as… for creativity unlike any other at our university,” said Sofia De Luise, a student at UAlbany who is the president of FACE.

De Luise is a senior who studies in marketing and information technology management. She also said that FACE tries to offer different programming than other groups at the university by incorporating fashion, art, pop culture and social issues into what they do.

Co-Presidents Ashley Grant and Harvey Wong formed the organization in the spring of 2013. The past three years have seen FACE grow as an organization by continuously providing the campus with unique fashion events on a regular basis.

FACE holds weekly programs that focus on a variety of topics, such as careers in fashion and fashion in pop culture. They will be hosting their third annual Spring Fashion Week later this semester.

During their annual fashion week, FACE has educational events. They table all week with recognition of student fashion on campus, as well as host giveaways for students.

Another event run by FACE is the Human Art Gallery, which has student models pose as mannequins throughout the campus wearing clothes from student designers.

“As a fashion organization we have so much opportunity to do a lot of cool stuff and again, it’s not all about clothes,” De Luise said.

The Fashion Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs
FACE The Fashion Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs

FACE’s members have a variety of majors, as the group doesn’t have a major requirement for joining the organization.

By giving students an experience with fashion and getting them connections to professionals within the field, FACE gives students the chance to learn about the fashion world.

“By arming students with this knowledge and helping them connect with professionals, we hope to help as many students as possible to transition into a career in fashion if they wish to do so,” De Luise said. “Even if someone wasn’t interested in moving into fashion as a career, there’s still so much that can be learned by our program offerings and events.”

FACE is currently looking for partnerships with other student organizations for this semester. They have monthly meetings where they discuss new ideas and are always open to new members joining the organization.

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