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How to keep it healthy on campus at UAlbany

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When it comes to maintaining your health, having a healthy diet seems almost impossible.  Particularly when you’re eating food every day from the campus center. Eating healthy on your campus can be difficult, but it can be done. There are several ways for students to keep their health and wellness up while attending school.  

Simple changes in your diet that seem unimportant like portion control, healthy snacking, and varying meals actually make a big difference.  There are several tips that can help with this issue. To start off, learning portion control. Sometimes, as human beings, we indulge ourselves too much and we just don’t know when we’ve had enough.  Portioning your meals keeps your food intake at balance. Varying your meals is also a healthy option. We get into habits and routines, and we unconsciously develop patterns of behavior. Changing up your diet is very important for your nutrition by having several varieties to choose from.  

We also can’t skip breakfast.  Trust me, I know how hard it is trying to get up and make it to class on time, let alone fitting breakfast in.  This is crucial to keeping a healthy diet. If you want to be healthy you have to start your day off right. When you skip breakfast, your body is being deprived of what it needs.  By the next meal you eat, you forget our first tip and you over indulge. Eating healthy snacks is also important. Buy some fruits and vegetables for your dorm room or keep them in your backpack.  This helps you avoid the temptation of reaching for junk food. It’s also much better when it comes down to money. Have you ever noticed how cheap these items are? Stores basically give us fruits and vegetables for free.  We would be helping ourselves financially on top of keeping a healthy diet.

UAlbany’s Campus Center has many restaurants to choose from.  Some are by far much healthier than others. The healthiest options are Stocks and Stems, Star Ginger, and the 518 Market.  Each of these places have many vegetable sources involved with the food. Even though the 518 Market is a small store, you can easily grab fruits and other healthy snacks there.  

If you decide not to choose one of these places to eat, you can still always find a healthy alternative wherever you decide to go.  Damien’s offers a lot of fried foods, but if you look carefully, you can find that they offer salads as well, which happen to be delicious.  Quality of food is very important to students as well. We want to enjoy what we decide to eat, especially when it is healthy. Several of these restaurants include building your own food which have healthy alternatives.  Places like Nikos Café, Tres Habaneros, and Fountain Grill can be healthy. These places give us the opportunity to make the smart choice on our own. Your meal is automatically better for you once you throw on some greens.  

So, start adding vegetables to what you normally get.  It’s just as good, it gives you the energy you need, and it’s a whole lot healthier.  It’s all about the choices we make and what we decide to put into our bodies. Let’s take care of ourselves and start choosing the right foods!

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