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Keep an eye on your unmentionables with LaundryView

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by Kassie Parisi

Assistant News Editor

Doing laundry can often be a daunting experience for college students. However, the newly instated LaundryView system makes this chore much easier.
LaundryView is free a web-based program that allows you to watch the status of the washers and dryers in your dorm or apartment. LaundryView can be accessed through any computer that is connected to campus Wi-Fi.

On the UAlbany website for LaundryView, one must simply select your location to view the washers and dryers that are available to use.
For example, if you live on Indian Quad in Tuscarora Hall, you select “Indian Quad” and then “Tuscarora” and then select the floor you wish to view. After you enter your selection, a visual representation of the selected laundry room comes onto the screen.
The washers and dryers that are being used are shaded in red and if you hover over them with your mouse, you are able to see how much longer that particular machine has left to run. When a machine is done running, it will revert to a white color and say “available.”
If a machine is not being used but still has clothing in it, the label over the machine will read “idle.” The machine information is updated about every forty seconds.

LaundryView is a mobile application as well. You can have alerts sent to your phone to notify you when a machine is available. To do this, a student will have to log into the website. After logging in, there will be two options.
You can select the “need a machine” button if all of the machines in your desired room are full. If a student selects this option, then he or she will be notified when there is an available machine.
The other option is for when a student actually has laundry in a washer or dryer. He or she can get an alert sent to his or her phone when their laundry is done. There are directions for logging in and getting alerts sent to a phone on the website.

LaundryView also has a feature called “Weekly Usage Reports.” This is information regarding the busiest laundry room times. The website will show you how busy a room is hour by hour. The three activity levels, which are high, medium, and none, show how many machines were being used at that hour.

Just for fun, the LaundryView website gives visitors a “Tip of the Day.” These tips can relate to anything from conserving water to telling one what to use in order to get certain stains out. For example, the tip for April 5 was, “Avoid using hot water on stains of unknown origin.Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 4.51.13 PM


Hot water

can set protein stains such as milk, egg, or blood.”

At UAlbany, LaundryView had some glitches initially.

“I tried the texting options to tell me my wash was done and not only did it not work but it didn’t text me back until three days later,” freshman Daviya Wheeler said. It’s a great idea but it would be even better if it worked.”

Besides this glitch, the other issue with LaundryView was that nobody was actually aware of its existence.

“It would be useful if it got fixed. I think a lot of people would use it if they knew about it,” Freshman Francia Rahiman said.

However, despite the rocky start, LaundryView is now fully operational. The timing is exact upon use and many students have been spared any unnecessary trips down three flights of stairs to check on laundry.
LaundryView is free, and is available for all four uptown quads, Alumni Quad, Liberty Terrace and Freedom Apartments. To check out if your dorm has an available washer or dryer go to the UAlbany-specific link:


   The Mac-Gray Corporation, the leading laundry facility contractor in North America, developed Laundry View. It serves over sixty thousand laundry rooms in the United States.
The corporation was founded in 1927 when H.S. Gray began selling washing machines door to door. In the 1950’s, the corporation began to provide laundry services to colleges.

In the 1980’s Mac-Gray introduced advanced European washing machines to the United States industry. These machines were more water and energy efficient. Soon after, in the 1990’s Mac- Gray began to use Smart Card technology in the commercial laundry industry. This continued advancement in technology led to the eventual creation of the LaundryView system.

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