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Justin Timberlake Reflects on Family and Love on ‘Man of the Woods’

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Justin Timberlake released his album, “Man of the Woods,” on Feb. 2, 2018. According to Timberlake himself, there had been speculation if he would make a country album. The album is  named  after his son, Silas.  The name Silas means “man of the forest.”

During the past week, I’ve seen interviews stating that Justin Timberlake is referencing his family a lot in his album. This statement is true because his wife and son are featured  throughout various tracks.

“Young Man” is a great song on the album which is a reference to his son, Silas. I admire that Timberlake is saying to his son in the track that it’s okay for him to cry and he encourages him to be his own person. This song overall describes a parent’s unconditional love for their child.

Another song, “Say Something,” features the vocals and acoustic guitar stylings of country star, Chris Stapleton. Who could forget Timberlake and Stapleton’s  performance of “Tennessee Whiskey” and “Drink You Away” at the 2015 CMA Awards? It was a powerhouse performance.

The second best track on the album is “The Hard Stuff,” its deep lyrics talking about real love. The song discusses going through the ups and downs in relationships. However, no matter what life throws at a couple, standing by each other and being supportive triumph over any troubles that they may have at the end of the day.

The next song I want to discuss is “Flannel.” Although there may be misconceptions that the song is about a flannel shirt, the meaning is profound. The song talks about the type of love a father and mother sometimes give a child. It discusses love, the soul and one’s own personal experiences. Timberlake’s singing softly in the background has a resemblance to Prince’s “Purple Rain.”
Releasing a new album before the Super Bowl was a good marketing tool. The first song off the album is the first song he performed at the halftime show which was “Filthy.”

“Filthy” is a catchy tune and features a lot of futuristic sounds. The purpose behind “Filthy” seems to be Timberlake embarking on a different track and  he doesn’t care what the haters say.

Critics may be quick to point out the cons of Timberlake’s recent album, but after sitting down and listening to the entire album, I really appreciated his insightful words and soothing sounds.

I think the album deserves a listen because it is different from Justin Timberlake’s other albums. However, just because its different doesn’t mean it isn’t successful.

Justin Timberlake’s album is about life lessons. It’s about where he is in his life with his family and all that he’s accomplished.

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