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How to Host the Perfect Holiday Party

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Thanksgiving is officially over and it’s time to get a little festive! With more holidays swiftly approaching, what better time is there to throw a holiday party than now? The holiday season is the most joyful time of the year, it brings warmth, goodwill, decorative lights, miracles and so much more to everyone around the world. A great way to connect with the people you love and care for is to host your own holiday party.

The perfect holiday party can consist of many things, and there are many details that go into hosting the perfect holiday party. The first step a host needs to take is to create a guest list, this list can include whomever they want, family, friends, both old and new. Once the list is established, invitations will need to be made included with a date and time for the event. This part of planning is quite simple, and you can smoothly move on to the planning of delightful treats.

Food, food, food and drinks, drinks, and more drinks, with a booming atmosphere is essential to hosting a memorable holiday party. As a host, you want to be sure that everyone is enjoying themselves, so of course you want to have the best food and drinks options available! Some super simple and super delicious appetizers include pigs in a blanket, homemade fruit trays with grapes, pineapple, and strawberries, and cheeseboards with meat such as salami and prosciutto are always a huge hit and basic great ideas. To spice it up you should then add the delectable treats and flavors of the holiday season.

Baked Brie with whole cranberries set on top then wrapped in phyllo dough is a dish that your guests won’t be able to get enough of. As for the drinks, one cocktail that is destined to be served at a holiday party is a caramel apple cocktail. The only two ingredients needed are apple cider and caramel vodka.

The flavors and scents of the season are peppermint, caramel, apple, chocolates, cranberries, egg nog, rosemary, gingerbread, cinnamon, and chestnuts. Any of these ingredients incorporated in the dining of your holiday party would accentuate the holiday season. People will not be able to get over the amazing food and refreshments!

If you need help thinking of recipes to create festive dishes and cocktails, there are many recipes on foodnetwork.com and found on Pinterest.

The Last important detail is creating a cheerful atmosphere. To achieve this, music can be added, and the best part of hosting your own holiday party is that you can choose what music you want to listen to! Along with music, decorations are a large part of your venue. Whether it’s at your house, or a public place, decorations set the holiday spirit for your guests. There are many things you can do to decorate including using garland, adding gold glitter to the edges of candle holders, placing red bows on a stairwell, Christmas lights, poinsettias, photoshoot props, centerpieces that standout, and of course, a mistletoe.

If you need help thinking of recipes to create festive dishes and cocktails, there are many recipes on foodnetwork.com and found on Pinterest.

Whether your plans for this holiday season are to host an ugly sweater party, a themed party, or an elegant party, these components will contribute to a celebratory and memorable holiday get together.

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