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How one UAlbany student landed a job with Taylor Swift

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Many college students worry about where they may end up post-graduation. In the everyday hectic life of a college student, there are constant worries of how one will pursue a successful career at the end. Here’s the story of a University at Albany junior whose luck and hard work opened numerous doors after being recognized by award-winning musician Taylor Swift.

Zainub Amir, 19, from Delmar, New York, graduated Bethlehem High School in the spring of 2014. She will be graduating a year early from UAlbany in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in finance and marketing, due to transferred AP credits from high school. So how did Amir end up working for Swift even before graduating?

Back in 2010, Amir began tweeting promotions and the latest news on Swift and her music from her personal Twitter account. When her tweets started receiving ample attention in 2012, Amir created a fan account called “SimplySfans” – “S” for Swift.

Swift noticed “SimplySfans” when Amir participated in a Google+ chat where she was picked to ask Swift questions regarding her album, “Red” (2012). A few months after, Swift’s team reached out to Amir and asked her to become an official “fan ambassador.” Shortly after, Amir spent a week in New York City with Swift to live tweet her appearances on “Good Morning America” and “Live with Regis and Kelly.” Amir also had the opportunity to attend the American Country Countdown Music Awards in 2014 to live tweet red carpet events and interview country artists.

Ever since Amir’s success with Swift started, many opportunities became available to Amir. Teen Huffington Post reached out to Amir and she began writing articles about entertainment and Swift. She also writes for MTV Voices, which is a platform where Amir can express herself from any perspective. Her article, “This Is What It Feels Like to Be a Muslim Growing Up in America,” debuted on MTV.com on Feb. 14.

Ambassador life for Amir isn’t always as exciting as it may seem, she’s usually waiting for a call from Swift’s team to promote her newest album which happens every two years. In the meantime, Amir promotes for other companies such as Good Morning America, MTV and Madame Tussauds. 

“It’s kind of like being a fangirl, but wait there’s more,” Amir said.

Trying to balance work with Swift, social media, homework and having a social life as a teen gets pretty tough for Amir. Ever since she decided to graduate early, everything in life has been coming at her fast, she said.  The only way she combats her busy schedule is by planning every single hour of her day to organize time for homework, tweeting, having a social life and family.

Amir’s next steps involve waiting until graduation to look into the MBA program here at UAlbany and in New York City. A publishing company, Simon & Schuster, recently signed her to be an official adviser for a Taylor Swift Fan Book, expected to launch in October of 2016, according to Amir.

Amir’s use of social media helped her grow and create a network full of powerful contacts.

At the end of the interview, she provided fellow college students with a little advice.

“Network yourself. Use social media to your advantage because it may be someone that you follow or like, and if they really inspire you career goal-wise, talk to them and reach out,” Amir said. “Social media is stronger than you think it is.”

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