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Hot or cold: Showering at UAlbany

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By Daniel Pinzon


It’s hard enough to wake up in the morning for class – it’s even worse when I can’t even take a nice shower. The same thing applies in the afternoon. Some people like to take showers before they go to sleep. But who’s going to take a shower when the water is freezing?

It’s an added obstacle to the bathroom routine and, for those living on campus, it’s far more complicated. Students living in the dorms have to fight their roommates for the bathroom, but there’s a chance the fights become meaningless, as the victor might not be able to even use the bathroom properly.

There is the option of proceeding with life and accepting that showering will not happen, going about one’s day hoping no one smells any body odor in the meantime. It’s safe to say no one is going to reek if they don’t shower for a day, or at least I hope so. If anything, perfume, cologne and Febreeze can be of assistance for a while.

Nevertheless, some people can’t go on with their day normally without showering. Although no one can necessarily tell if a person has showered or not, the person who didn’t shower knows. And for some reason, the slight layer of grime is preventing that person from operating at full capacity.

Nonetheless, this is nothing to new to me. I grew up in a house that wouldn’t have hot water sometimes. When that situation arose, I would have an alternative. I would boil water and go on with what I refer to as a “pot shower.” However, there is no alternative here at the University at Albany: We are all obligated to play the waiting game.

It’s either “get ready and go to class” or “wait five more minutes for the hot water.” Five minutes becomes 30 minutes and still no hot water and now, the said student is both late and unsatisfied.

It’s a stalling process that starts a domino effect. For those who refuse to press forward and decide to wait for the hot water to return, it could potentially interfere with their schedule, which in turn could interfere with someone else’s schedule. Some people rely on the idea that the other person is on time so that they can operate. And if the person waiting for hot water actually gets it during another person’s showering time, conflict ensues.

For those who think they can shower in their friend’s room, chances are they don’t have hot water either and no one is going to trek to another hall or quad, nor should someone resort to doing that.

People could actually attempt a cold shower and disregard the health problems for the sake of cleanliness. However, it’s highly unlikely someone is going to endure the cold water just to go out into the cold air. It’s winter and we want hot showers, or at least moderately warm ones.

No one wants a shower to match winter temperature.

It’s fathomable for hot water to be gone a few times, but this occurrence has far surpassed that by now. It’s gotten to a point where students are assuming that the hot water will be absent, longer being a surprise. It’s hard enough being college students, but now we are dirty college students. Although it’s an exaggerated statement, college students are paying for this, so we don’t expect mediocrity from this campus lifestyle, and that includes hot water.

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