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Hate the gym? Exercise hacks on campus at UAlbany

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Exercising in your door room or on campus is a lot easier than most of us think. Instead of going to a crowded gym and feeling uncomfortable, there are many ways we can stay fit and healthy without having to go out of our way.

Easy ways to exercise would be utilizing the campus. Instead of taking the elevators, try using the stairs. In between classes or during a break, try going up a few flights to get some cardio in for the day. Even for students who don’t live on campus, they can park farther away than they normally would. That way they are still getting in those steps in.

The University at Albany is a large campus and it has a lot to offer. It has a track and tennis courts for our use to get a little exercise in. Even running around the perimeter of the campus is a great idea. The campus has about a three mile perimeter. Students who decide this is the exercise alternative for them are getting in a great cardio workout for themselves. Then just pop in some headphones, play your favorite song, and get to work.

Other things UAlbany offers are clubs like the runner’s club. Don’t forget UAlbany’s Division 1 sports teams. All these teams and clubs are designed to keep their students active and healthy. For students that know they have terrible follow through with their exercising schedule, they can sign up for physical education classes for credit to keep themselves fit. This way they have to go exercise but they are also earning credits for their degrees — a win-win.

As students, we learn to solve issues with what we have. What we have is a huge campus, so to stay fit, let’s use it. Take advantage of all the beautiful, grassy space UAlbany has to offer and do some yoga outside. Who cares if people are staring at you doing your warrior pose. Bring a friend and encourage others to join and participate with you.

It’s always best to work out with a friend. Especially if you are uncomfortable around a lot of people. Your friends will give you the confidence and encouragement to better yourselves by staying active. People tend to follow along with others if they are in groups. Standing alone is scary but with a friend, it’s not so bad.

Students can even bike around the school. Instead of driving, sitting, or standing, take your bike out for a spin to get a quick workout in. This gets you to your classes faster and there’s no worrying about parking or traffic.

Your dorm rooms have plenty of space as well. A few push-ups and sit ups can easily be done. Here you have the privacy of your room and you’re still staying active.

Fitness apps can also be easily downloaded on your phones. So, if you’re ever unsure of what to do to keep yourself fit, use the apps as a guideline to keep yourself moving.

There is no reason or excuse for any student to give as to why they cannot stay active. There are numerous ways for college students to maintain their physical health as they are acquiring their education. So the last bit of advice is to remember to have fun. We’re all here for only a short time, so let’s make the most of it.

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