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Getting to know UAlbany’s rookie quarterback

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    UAlbany Football

Position – Quarterback

Height – 6’ 3”

Weight – 220

Hometown – Oak Till, Va.

High School – Oakton

By Kristin Flatow 

Contributing Writer 

[email protected] 

In an incoming freshman class of 2,550, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. But Kyle Downer has found his place, taking on the role of rookie quarterback for the University at Albany football team.

Downer the Oak Till, Va. Native and intended business major earned three varsity letters playing high school football.

He wasn’t always a quarterback- Downer switched from running back to tight end and found his place as permenant starting quarterback for his last two years of high school.

During his senior year of high school he completed 116 out of 187 passes, throwing for a total of 1,409 yards and 12 touchdowns.

In addition to his passing skills, Downer also displayed a high efficiency running the ball, totaling for 1,460 yards and 25 touchdowns during his senior year.

He helped lead his high school to a 2012 Northern Region Title, and was awarded team MVP.

Downer also earned first-team all-region and all-district, and second-team Virginia High School Coaches Association All- State his senior year.

Downer always dreamed of playing his beloved sport and playing in college is a dream come true.

When asked about the biggest difference between high school and college football, Downer replied,

“The biggest difference is the schedule, we have to get up early every morning for meetings and to lift,” adding that “the skill level here is much higher, and everyone’s faster.”

Downer, like other freshmen, is adjusting to his new responsibilities.

The first couple of weeks for him were a bit of an adjustment, not only having to get used to his new football schedule but his new workload as well.

Making friends wasn’t a problem either, Downer lives in a suite with six of his teammates.

Downer has been taking cues from sophomore quarterback, Ryan Smith, who with a year under his belt serves as a role model for Downer.

Smith and Downer were introduced over the summer when Downer stayed with Smith for a visit to Ualbany. Downer says Smith has already taught him a lot and he continues to be a mentor.

Many high school athletes struggle with the decision to play at the college level or not. Downer had a choice to play for either James Madison, University of Maine, or University at Albany but he choose Albany after falling in love with the campus. He also wanted a chance to be a part of the Colonial Athletic Association, Ualbany’s new conference.

The next home game is Oct.19 against Towson at 3:30 p.m.

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