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Albany- David Nichols, a sophomore guard, led the UAlbany Men’s Basketball team to victory over Siena with his career high 29 points. However, many in attendance were shocked and curious as to who this guy is.

David Christopher-Henry Nichols was born in what many consider to be the most dangerous city in the United States. Chicago, Illinois. The stats show that it’s not just another frivolous claim. In 2016 alone, 75 people have lost their lives due to gun violence and another 319 have been wounded. David himself has lost friends to gun violence but if you hear him tell it, it was more so his friends dibbling and dabbling in things they shouldn’t have been doing as opposed to it being stereotypical Chicago.

“I’ve lost some friends to gun violence, but there were probably doing something they had no business doing or they were in a bad part where it’s not the smartest idea to be”. For David however the guidance he received from his parents and his siblings helped him to stay clear of any temptation the cold streets of Chicago had out for him.

The game of basketball seems to flow through David’s veins. He’s been playing for as long as he can remember. His father is an AAU basketball coach and his sister Brittani played at Yale University. Upon being asked if his sister was ever better than him, David couldn’t help but to laugh, “Yea most definitely, she’s a couple years older so she was probably better than me when she was in high school and I was in junior high…I’m better than her now though”.

We live in a world today where patience is at a minimum. For David however, although it proved to be difficult at times being patient was nothing new. Growing up in a household with older brothers and sisters there are times when the youngest ones are often overlooked. Being patient and waiting your turn to shine is a must and it is something that David has successfully done.

Last season proved to be a difficult one for David. He went from being the man in high school to a rarely used role player in college. In high school David accumulated a host of awards. As a senior he was named team captain and averaged 21.5 points, 4.5 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game. David was named the Chicago Catholic League Player of the Year in 2014 at Mount Carmel, Chicago Sun Times All-City Third Team & All-Area, IBCA All-State, Southtown Star All-Area, NWI Times All-Area selection as a senior for the Caravan and was named to the Pekin Insurance Holiday All-Tournament Team in 2013-14. He went from that to only averaging five minutes a game his freshman year and not appearing in a total of 18 games last year.

Just how tough was last year? “It’s tough, but everybody was the main guy in their high school and only five people can play at a time so you got to understand that and just wait your turn, a lot of people want to transfer when they don’t get their things right away but I think it just shows hard work pays off due to the success I’m experiencing this year after sitting most of last year”.

David’s stats from last year compared to this year.  Credit-UAlbany Men’s Basketball Twitter

Last year wasn’t a complete waste for David. He was able to watch and learn from All-Conference guards Ray Sanders and Evan Singletary which has helped him adjust to his new starting role.

After his masterful 29 point, 4 rebounds and 4 assists performance, David was awarded his first ever league weekly award. America East Men’s Basketball Co-Player of the Week Award. He shares it with Taylor Leissner of New Hampshire.

In only his second year of college, David is beginning to show why Coach Will Brown recruited him so hard. Success is not always immediate and that’s something you can’t always control, however you can control working hard and having patience. David is currently showing that good things do indeed come to those who wait.

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