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Fountain day: what could be

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By Jacob Spiegel

Contributing Writer

[email protected]

March 10, 2015

   The year is 2010, it is late April at the University at Albany and finals are around the corner. Everyone is looking for that last bit on enjoyment before the two-week period of studying and gloom that follows Reading Day. The answer is simple: Fountain Day. The day where the student body comes together to enjoy one of the university’s most prized possessions: the fountain. On a humid day in Albany, nothing is better than being with your friends with your feet in the water and listening to good music. Sadly, the student body has not experienced this since 2010. It was initially cancelled in relation to the event now known as “Kegs & Eggs,” when students became out of control in the Pine Hills neighborhood. Then, construction started on the fountain, building up a wonderful tower and a fantastic water lighting show.

Fountain day, a much loved tradition, was cancelled after 2010. Photo by www.liuxuebao.com.
Fountain day, a much loved tradition, was cancelled after 2010. Photo by www.liuxuebao.com.

   All anyone wants to do is have fountain day. If the students were to plan a day as a student body, it would cause nothing but issues between the campus police and the students that participate. The school leaders may not allow it to happen again, most likely to cut costs of the cleanup and sponsorship of the event or, and most likely, to protect their new fountain. Thus, depriving the students of this wonderful day and leaving them with nothing but empty stories of what was, and dreams of what could be.

   In terms of overall happiness at UAlbany, the feel of the school just has been like the weather lately: cold and grey. UAlbany has been lacking its staple for the past four years. Binghamton has Parade Day, Fredonia has FredFest, Cortland has Cortaca. UAlbany needs Fountain Day back. Having Fountain Day could potentially benefit more than just the student base. If done correctly it could support the local economy of Albany and the school itself.

   During Fountain Day the school, Student Association and other school run organizations could work to get local businesses to set up stands and booths along the podium to involve the entire campus. There could be food, vendors, and stands representing organizations and student groups set up, getting the student base involved with the community.

   This would need proper security, but one that operates in a way that allows the event to be fun and not out of control. People will need to be controlled, but officers should refrain from handing out tickets and arresting people. They should stick to maintaining order, seizing anything prohibited and illegal and stopping people from doing illegal activity. This will allow the event to be enjoyable by all in a safe and legal way.

   The school has been getting a lot of publicity over its newly established business school. People already want to come to the university because of the education. But some prospective students hold back because of the weather and the social scene. There’s nothing the school can do about the weather, but if the social scene can be improved, it could

drastically increase enrollment. Students here would enjoy their time more, thus telling prospective students.

   The actions of a few should not affect the whole and the past should be forgotten once you get to the future. As the campus changes with all the construction, the administration of the campus should as well. The administration should lighten up and allow another Fountain Day and actually help make it a fun and safe event.

   It’s time that the school starts allowing its traditions to happen again. One act of faithfulness should be met with another. This means if the school allows Fountain Day, the students should be respectful of the rules given and not break them. This bond that could potentially be formed could help restore the school to what it once was, a place where students come to learn and have fun. Thus making this cold and grey scene we call UAlbany a bit warmer.

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