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Five SA elections invalidated, new election dates set for April

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By Joe Alicata

According to an email obtained by the ASP sent by the SA Elections Commission, four elected positions and the student activity fee will have to be voted on again in April.

In the email, the Election Commission explains that “glitch/issue” with the voting system used by SA resulted in the invalidation of the races for Social Science Senator and Humanities Senator as well as the vote to raise the Student Activity Fee. According to the email, the voting system utilized by SA can only support seven campus wide elections at one time, and as a result votes cast for the final three spots on the ballot, Social Science, Humanities and the activity fee were not counted. The email explains that the Commission was not aware of this issue previous to the start of the election process.

The races for Senator-At-Large and Business and Management Division Senator were invalidated due to a candidate placement issue. Candidate Bryan Meyers was inadvertently placed under the “Business and Management” division when he was supposed to have been placed under Senator-At-Large.

The Elections Commission explained that in the future, ballots will be pre-released to candidates for their review in an effort to avoid an issue like this from occurring again in the future. When contacted for comment, Chair of the Elections Commission Josh Ringel stated that the email sent by the Commission was the official Election Commission statement at this time.

Currently, April 8 and 9  have been selected for dates for the second election, as well as a possible presidential run-off.

The ASP will update accordingly.

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  1. dean
    March 14, 2013 at 9:41 am — Reply

    When ded the botched vote take place?

    What was responsible for the incorrect ballots?

    How many incorrect ballots were cast?

    How much will the second vote cost?

    what do candidates affected by the error hve to say about it?

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