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Festive Winter Makeup Looks

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Winter is the season to try out some bold colors. Use yellows and oranges for Thanksgiving, bright blues for Hanukkah, or green and red for Christmas. If you’re not a fan of any of those holidays you can still channel the glowing fires and icy snow of winter.


Mateo. Photos by Katie Gibson / ASP

The first look was created by Polina Mateo. This look is subtle and can be work to class or work. It takes inspiration from early winter. Start by applying a liquid foundation all over your face and neck with a beauty blender. Then set your foundation with pressed powder. Proceed with a dusty bronze contour stick in the shallows of your cheeks to contour. Put crease-proof lasting taupe eye shadow stick on your lid and up to your eyebrow as a base. Then, mix dark blue gray, brown, and beige eyeshadow and applied it on your lid. After blending the mixture with the taupe, add mascara and filled in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Finish the look by prepping your lips with lip gloss and applying a matte, purplish nude lipstick.



The second look has a more Christmas feel. It involves brighter colors and bolder makeup. This look was created by Alex Galligan. First, prime your eyelids. Once primed, apply light green eyeshadow all over the lid as a base. Blend a darker green into the crease and add white eye shadow above the lid and in the inner corner of your eyes as a highlight. Galligan used liquid eyeliner to create a cat eye. After this, moisturize and apply a liquid foundation. Galligan applied foundation after eye shadow to cover fallout eyeshadow and fix mistakes. Then, use dipbrow pomade to shape and fill your eyebrows. Contour under the cheekbones, chin, and on the sides of her forehead with a bronzer stick. Then, add cream blush to the apples of your cheeks and the tip of your nose. Galligan chose a cream highlight stick for her cupid’s bow, cheek bones, and the bridge of her nose. She finished with a dark red matte lip tint.


Julie McLafferty wears the third look, which is inspired by snow. This look is great for night because of its bright colors and heavy eyeliner. First, apply primer to the eyes and use white eyeshadow on the lid as a base. Add light blue eye shadow to the center of the lid

and blend dark blue eye shadow into the crease and swipe below the lower water line. Put on mascara and apply a cat eye with a blue felt-tipped eyeliner. Lightly apply bronzer below the cheekbones and then use highlighter on the cheekbones and right above the lips. Finish with a frosty lip gloss, and you have a nighttime winter look.



Katie Gibson is the lifestyle editor for the Albany Student Press. She is also a DJ for WCDB.

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