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Fenty Beauty Products On-Demand for Quality

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As a makeup lover myself, I obviously had to get my hands on Rihanna’s new line, Fenty Beauty. This line is particularly special because it focuses on all types of skin tones. To see my shade of foundation sold out prior to this was almost always unheard of. Since Fenty Beauty’s release, most of the darker shades were sold out at Sephora’s.

I was very curious to see what the foundation would be like. Most foundations at Sephora range from $32-$65. The price point for Fenty Beauty’s foundation is $34, which is a steal. The coverage is medium to full and leaves a matte finish. The Trophy Wife Highlighter is probably one of the most talked about products from the line, retailing at also $34, giving off a gold fierce highlight that looks good on all skin tones. While Fenty Beauty does not include an eyeshadow palette or any lipsticks, the focus is on embracing your skin, and that’s exactly what I love about it.

A lot of times, celebrities will come out with a product that will sell well, mostly because of the name that is attached to it. For me, Fenty Beauty goes far beyond that. As far as quality, I think this line goes beyond just being a collector’s item. The makeup gives amazing quality and coverage and is well worth the money. I absolutely love this line, and can’t wait to build up my collection. After receiving such positive reviews, I truly hope that Fenty Beauty will continue to grow, expand and bring even more diversity to the beauty industry.

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