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Fashion show sparks SA debate: How much money can one club receive?

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A large fashion show held by a student group Saturday has spurred Student Association debate over how much money groups should be able to receive in additional SA funding.

The show was put on by the Fashion Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs, who spent more than $24,000 in total on the event – $20,000 of which were SA funds.

SA had initially given FACE $6,885 in total for the 2018-19 year. However, groups are able to apply to SA throughout the year for appropriations money.

In November, FACE requested and received $10,000 at a Senate meeting. Then at the March 6 meeting this year, FACE was approved for another $3,200.

“I voted no on that bill, many of my colleagues voted no, but it passed,” Senator Zak Constantine said.

Representatives from FACE did not respond to request for comment for this story.

FACE requested an increase after they used all $6,885 of their budget – and an additional $4,000 the group raised – before hiring a D.J. and finding a host venue, two key mandates in their proposal.

“I want every event to happen, don’t get me wrong,” Constantine said. “But if it means shelling out more student money to fund events that help less people, that’s where I think we have to draw the line. We want to make sure we have money left in the pot for new groups that focus on community service and outreach.”

Max Sevor, Senator At-Large and member of the appropriations committee, said they are seeking change in the appropriations process in 2019-20.

“The original intent of the supplemental line for appropriations was to supplement, it isn’t to provide an entire event to a student group,” Max said. “We are trying to find ways to put this in the bylaws … it’ll be in our own bylaws where we say ‘We are not going to fund this or not give this much money to a certain event.’ What that includes is still up for debate.”

There is still time before the 2019-20 budget is approved in early May, but the appeals process for the initial budget proposal is approaching.

“We are a little over halfway,” said Brandon Holdridge, Senate Chair and member of the Board of Finance. “We are planning on finishing it after spring break so we can send it to those student groups and they can go to Zak for the appeals process.”

Other club funds are still being rationed and finalized, but senators expect FACE to join Five Quad as a winner of increased funds in 2019-20’s $2.7 million budget.

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