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Source: (Monica Feudi /
Source: (Monica Feudi /


By Sarah Kearns

   As New York welcomes the crisp fall air, Kendall, Karlie, Kors and more are off in Milan dressed for spring and summer as Fashion Week is still in full swing.  Fashion Week happens four times in four of the largest fashion capitals in the world: New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

   Although you’ve missed New York and London by now, Milan continues through Sept. 29 and Paris will start Sept. 30 and run until Oct. 7.  Those wishing to access the shows without actually travelling – and likely sneaking in to the exclusive runways – may view livestreams provided online, as well as video recaps of those New York and London shows.  

   In New York, BCBG showed a boho collection with lots of patchwork and mixed patterns, finishing off most looks with chunky, pale-yellow-and-beige suede shoes and striped knitted sweaters, scarves, and leg warmers.  They contrasted the thick knit with flowing chiffon and silk dresses. There was a lot of layering, with long sleeve T-shirts beneath sheer chiffon prominent. Each of the models wore a patchwork hat nearly covering their eyes, and their makeup was bare, making them look fresh and clean.  It will be interesting to see how well those leg warmers catch on in the warmth of the spring and summer seasons, but the boho look is definitely going to be a trend to replicate.

   Chunky shoes appeared again at Michael Kors in New York, as well as more flowing chiffon.  The colors stayed neutral in blacks, whites, nudes, with a few orangey-reds featured on high necklines and button-up shirts with blazers.  An obvious trend for the upcoming season is mid-length skirts that hit right around the calf.  Many outfits in the show were accessorized with belts ranging from three inches wide to just half an inch.  Kors also showed some knitted sweaters, so this may be something to look out for.

   Oscar De La Renta showed a lot of florals in New York with red and orange tones, colors that are appearing to be the color of the season, along with more chiffon and chunky shoes.

   In London at Burberry and in New York at Givenchy, black lace was everywhere, and it was sheer — almost looking like lingerie at times.  Burberry’s dresses had some of the sheer chiffon that was seen in other shows as well, so daring style is a big upcoming trend.

   In an increasingly popular way over the past few seasons, menswear slipped into the womenswear collections.  While menswear often influences the structure of womenswear blazers and pants, now male models wear these looks and weave seamlessly in between the women and dresses.

   To view the upcoming shows, get information, and stay up to date with live feeds and recaps, visit

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  1. Alison
    September 28, 2015 at 9:50 pm — Reply

    Well written! Thanks for the summarized insight on the newest fashion trends!

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