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The deep desire for the refreshing air and scent of autumn after a long scorching summer is back. We cannot deny its presence, and we all say the same thing: “This is my favorite time of the year.” And what’s not to love? The air is cooling off, the leaves transform to magnificent colors, grandmothers are beginning to bake those delicious seasonal desserts, and there’s just something about getting cozy with a blanket on a chilly autumn night with a nice cup of tea – or perhaps a Pumpkin Spiced Latte!

         As a highly anticipated season, it is not one to brush over, like the wet and cold months of early Spring. Despite its true nature, Autumn brings life to our hearts and minds because there is just so much to look forward to. These are some ways to take full advantage of the wondrous season and create memorable experiences

Go Apple Picking at a Local Orchard

Everyone from families with rambunctious children to college students struggling to wake up on a Saturday after a long night can enjoy apple picking. Aim for one perfectly sunny day, grab some friends and find the most deliciously crisp and juicy apples in the entire orchard! There’s also usually an adorable country store selling cider and donuts, another popular fall treat, along with plenty of festive gifts and everything someone could hope for.

Take a Fall Foliage Drive or go on a Hike

It’s breathtaking to see the leaves of Earth’s trees transition to the signature fall colors. It’s as if the change happens overnight, and all of a sudden the mood of the season completely sets in. On a day with nothing better to do, and the pleasure of living in Upstate New York, why not venture outside to admire the scenery? John Boyd Thatcher State Park, located about 20 minutes from the UAlbany campus is a great spot to look out onto a sea of red, orange and yellow tree tops.

Visit a Corn Maze or Go on a Haunted Hay Ride

This is where the real excitement and fear comes into play! Take a group to a corn maze to see who can get out faster or hop on the haunted hayride and brave the dark, moonlit path it travels down, filled with all our favorite Halloween-like creatures.

Spice up your Dorm Room, House, Apartment, Car – or Whatever You Want – with Decorations!

Pick up some bright orange string lights from a local store or create your own decorations at home. If the struggle arises to come up with any ideas, that special app called Pinterest is full of them.

Carve Pumpkins

Maybe while out picking apples, or perhaps on another trip back to the orchard, pick out some well-rounded pumpkins with a smooth side that screams “Carve me a face.” Make it happy, mad, scary, or goofy – the choice is up to you, and it’s blast!

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