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Facts Are Facts: There is No Crisis at the Border

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If you were to ask the President of the United States, Donald Trump, what era in history he believes he’s in, I’d wager there is decent chance he believes we are sometime in the Middle Ages.That could be forgivable considering we suddenly have a new Russian Tsar and a new Chinese Emperor. But to hear him paint a picture of the world is to hear a spiteful and hateful story of barbarians at the gate, foaming at the mouth and chomping at the bit to get inside and destroy the fabric of our existence. In true form, the president believes the solution to this fabricated hyperbole is a gigantic medieval slab of concrete and racism right on our southern border with Mexico.

While Trump has fooled little in his personal crusade, he has declared, for the time being, a state of emergency in an attempt to use presidential emergency powers to circumvent Congress and fund his monstrosity. The simple fact of the matter is Trump’s actions are unconstitutional because there is NO crisis at the border.

Trump’s campaign was built on this wall and, like the foundation of all his construction projects, that promise was faulty. He said, if you’ll remember, that immigrants were bringing drugs and guns and that they were all rapists. It is this old school dog whistle politics, the baiting of white America through fear of sexual indecency, this use of divisive, race baiting language, that won Trump the election. And it is fear, not of immigrants or of drugs, and certainly not of guns, but of being shown as the con artist he is, that is driving Donnie Do Wrong to burn what very well could be his last political stand on something so incredibly stupid.

The facts, and they are facts, are indisputable. Border crossings on both a monthly and annual rate, are down and have been down since the early 2000s. And as for those so-called “dangerous” immigrants coming in to destroy us all, all studies show that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes, especially violent crimes, than native born Americans.

Trump can decry children as criminals all he wants and Secretary of Homeland Security (and your resident war criminal) Kirstjen Nielson, can defend the administration’s actions until she’s blue in the face, but policy based off of LIES can, and have already, caused serious, irreparable harm. As a result of Trump and Nielson’s child separation practices thousands of children being sexually assaulted while being held in ICE detention centers. We did that. The United States did that. And if you continue to support this presidency, you are an accomplice.

But even all that aside, the most basic argument is that this decision is not Trump’s to make. The Constitution (Article I, Sections 8,9) grants Congress, not the president, the power of the purse. Trump’s wall is, at its base, a budgeting issue. In December, when Congress passed a spending bill not including his wall, Trump balked and ignited the longest and most embarrassing government shutdown in our history. Then Congress, in the wake of that episode, passed another budget (somehow) and guess what? It still didn’t fund the wall. And thus, this State of Not an Emergency was born.

Simply, this was always Congress’ call and Trump displayed a fundamental misunderstanding of checks and balances while campaigning and startlingly continues to do so now. Trump truly believed building a wall would be as easy as being elected president and that is the problem with someone that clearly idolizes the power held by dictators around the world.

We have a president that believes Congress is an employee and the people of the United States are inconsequential unless they wear red hats and can’t tell you who won the Civil War. On top of every bit of damage, physical or symbolic, repairable or not, he now wishes to squirrel away with unprecedented budgeting power that even Franklin Roosevelt, in the midst of not one, but TWO actual earth defining emergencies, knew he had to work with Congress for.

Donald Trump has made a mockery of a hallowed office and eroded American influence around the world, perhaps permanently in some areas. Do not allow him to permanently scar this continent with his monument to Jim Crow.

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