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Elevator Malfunctions Bristle Mohawk Tower Residents

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Some students living in Mohawk Tower on Indian Quad have been opting to take the stairs.

“I’m not trying to live with no elevators and having to take the stairs to the seventeenth floor three times a day,” said Brady Madden, a freshman computer science student.

Within the last two weeks, there were five calls made to the Facilities Management related to Mohawk Tower elevators over the last two weeks. According to Facilities Management, each issue was fixed immediately.

“This number of calls is not out of the ordinary during the semester,” said Facilities Management in an email. “For each of the calls mentioned above, the elevators were put back into service with minimal delay.”

Tower elevators have been out of service, sometimes only leaving one functioning at a given time. Students have found themselves waiting for up to twenty minutes to reach their dorms after returning from class.

“The middle one has been broken three times, two of which have been in the same day,” said Theo Moore, a freshman pre-med student. “I just get on in the morning, and I push the button to go to the first floor, the door closes, and it just sits there. So I just say ‘screw it’ and I open the door and I leave because I know it’s not going to go anywhere.”

Freshman cybersecurity major Fred Wieneke’s girlfriend lives towards the top of the tower, and he visits frequently. Just recently, he decided to get her an ice cream cone from the dining hall for a late-night snack. By the time he actually made it to her room, it had completely melted into a puddle. It took him approximately fifteen minutes to reach her floor.

Some students experienced different problems. During the second week of classes, a crowded elevator got stuck between floors. The terrified students had to wait nearly a half-hour before the fire department could lower it enough to help them climb out.

Freshman computer science major Matt Brown, who was one of the students to experience the incident, said, “Being stuck in an elevator with eleven other strangers for twenty minutes wasn’t a quality UAlbany experience.”

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