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Donald Trump is making SNL great again

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Saturday Night Live(SNL), NBC’s sketch comedy show has been a staple on American television for over four decades. During its run, it has created a legacy that only a handful of other TV shows can create. This has resulted in the show pushing the boundaries of televised content. The basis of the show has always been making sketches that reflect and comment on the current social and political scenario of the country. These sketches often include eccentric characters or caricatures of real-life personas. And, the current season was no exception.

The latter half of the year 2016 marked an important time for America. The presidential election was in its top gear. With Presidential debates, Party conventions and controversies surrounding the candidates, the temperature of the American politics was at an all-time high. SNL began its 42nd season with a parody of the first presidential debate. Alec Baldwin returns to SNL portraying Donald Trump for a cameo and Kate McKinnon plays Hillary Clinton. What SNL did not expect was the uproar it caused. The video of the sketch was going viral on YouTube. It made an impact and Donald Trump was not happy with it.

What followed for the next weeks was phenomenal. Almost every week Alec Baldwin lampooned at Donald Trump. Sketches of SNL got more and more political. Every major news story that broke during the week was converted into a sketch the following Saturday. Whether it was the presidential debates, the Russian connections or female sexual assault, no holds were barred by SNL.

Though, the reason SNL did that was not completely out of spite. Donald Trump repeatedly vilified the show on Twitter. Which in turn incited the SNL writers to write more and more bizarre sketches about the Trump administration. Melissa McCarthy playing Sean Spicer, Kate McKinnon playing Kellyanne Conway, Beck Bennett playing Vladimir Putin were met with critical acclaim. To such an extent that these one-time cameos have become recurring characters for the rest of the season. The more the SNL mocks the president, the stronger the feud between them grows. Viewer ratings of the past few episodes have been the highest since 2011.

As one can clearly notice that SNL’s political views lean left, many of the right-wing supporters have expressed their contempt towards the show. Now, Donald Trump and the whole 2016 presidential election have always been controversial subjects. Many allegations have made the president a questionable character. It was evident the media was going to leave no stone unturned. John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert and many others have castigated these affairs. The president himself have blamed the media of being a major opposition but, the freedom on which the United States of America stands, due to its first amendment rights only makes it fair. It will be unjust to pick sides.

SNL makes sure that the viewers have something to laugh at every week. It’s safe to say that SNL has moved to the forefront of the anti-establishment movement for the next few years. Looking at the current situations, it’s apparent that Saturday Night Live has become more important than ever for the liberal ideology.

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