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Maxi Primus, a senior at the University at Albany, developed a love for field hockey very early in life when her parents decided to get her involved with a sport at the age of six. There was a field hockey club right around the corner from their house, so it was meant to be. Since then, playing the sport led her to many different places, including another country.

Primus grew up in Germany, though she decided to pursue a college education and field hockey career in the United States because she feels sports have a greater value here, and she’s able to play at a higher level than at home.

After the process of applying to many American schools, UAlbany Field Hockey Head Coach Phil Sykes caught her attention with a welcoming attitude and convinced her that field hockey is taken seriously here, though the players could still focus on school work and enjoy a life outside of the sport. Also, at the time, there were a lot of other international players on the team, which was comforting to Maxi. So, without ever seeing the campus, she packed up and moved to the United States.

There are a lot of international athletes playing for UAlbany teams, so this is an inside look as to what it’s like for them. Maxi went through a major culture shock her first year at UAlbany. She especially noticed the difference in food, however, which is one of the things she misses the most about home, along with her family. Other than that, Primus feels she has adapted quite well.

“Albany became a second home, and I learned how to speak the language and value a different culture” says Primus.

Maxi loves playing field hockey at UAlbany, and views her teammates as family.. The team roster has only 18 players, which Maxi says is a huge factor because most other teams in the NCAA have 24 to 30 players, so it’s a tight-knit team.

Primus was named defensive player of the week multiple times. As a goalie, she undergoes a great amount of mental pressure, maybe more so than any other player, but with clear focus, Maxi is ready to block any shot directed at her net.

“I feel honored to receive those awards; although, I must say, that it’s not me deserving of the award alone. As a goalie, especially, I depend on my defense. If my defense does a good job, they make my life a lot easier” says Primus.

Maxi strongly cherishes being a part of something bigger, and enjoys special moments with her team, like winning the championship and seeing all their hard work pay off.

Outside of Field Hockey, Maxi attends class like the rest of us students, and she studies Psychology as a major, along with Business and Spanish as minors. She would like to pursue a career in Business Psychology, possibly doing human resources consulting.

This will be Maxi’s last year as an undergraduate at UAlbany, and final season playing Field Hockey for the team, so where will she end up next? It’s never easy to pinpoint an exact post-graduation plan, especially as a dedicated athlete, playing at an extremely competitive level. Maxi would like to remain in the United States after graduation for a few months in order to travel and work with field hockey camps, though she thinks she may return to Germany to attend graduate school, since it is free there.

In the future, Maxi would love to continue playing field hockey, and could see herself playing in the first division in Germany. She understands that as she grows older, though, making sure she has the proper education and securing a well-payed job will be of the utmost importance, so that will take up a lot of time and decrease her ability to play as much as she used to.

Wherever life takes her, though, she’ll never lose that genuine love for the game she discovered as a young girl that took her to new places and gave her unforgettable memories.

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