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Democratic Party Seen as Anti-Trump

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Lucas Boynton

Coming off the heels of President Trump’s State of the Union address and the Democratic Party’s reaction, we must ask a question. Is the Democratic Party just the Anti-Trump Party? Is this a party representing a group of Americans with a vision, or an antagonist waiting for the demise of the president?

President Trump’s address polled very well, coming in at 75 percent approval according to a CBS poll. This is quite an achievement since the 45th President has struggled to get an approval rating above 30 percent. In the same poll, 65 percent stated the address made them “feel safer,” 54 percent stated they believed the policy would “help them,” 81 percent expressed they believed the address “united” Americans, and 64 percent viewers participating were “optimistic” about the next three years while 36 percent were “pessimistic.” This points out that while the president is polling low among Americans, they were able to look past this and judge the address with an open mind. The Democrats in attendance did not seem to be able to do the same.

The president spent a good 20 minutes of the rather long address discussing the state of the economy, to which he stated, “African American unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded.” The camera then panned to the Congressional Black Caucus, a political organization almost exclusively composed of African American Democrats to which the Daily Caller stated “only one member of the [CBC] applauded low black unemployment” and none of whom got up from their seats. The New York Times investigated this claim and concluded, “It’s true that the black unemployment rate in December, 6.8 percent was the lowest recorded.” Therefore, only two conclusions can be made here. Either the Congressional Black Caucus doesn’t care that African Americans are employed, or more likely that they cannot support Trump simply because of their disdain for everything he does.

       If the attending Democratic CBC members are so opposed to the president that they cannot acknowledge progression by the community they most closely represent, then it would seem as if they are prioritizing their contempt towards Trump over recognizing the betterment of the American people. Ignoring acknowledgments in an attempt to dishonor the president not only creates a divide among the country, but makes policy benefiting African Americans in this scenario less likely. Ultimately, all Americans will pay the price for the CBC’s resentment and dislike for our commander-in-chief.

Another key point made by President Trump was the unveiling of a $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill in the State of the Union. Interestingly enough, according to the Washington Post, Democrats in Congress had been pushing for a $500 billion infrastructure bill earlier this year, yet the New York Times writes, “Democrats who pressed for infrastructure spending since Barack Obama was president, were not satisfied,” referring to the response at the State of the Union. Although this is surprising, it gets even more hypocritical. Former secretary Hillary Clinton’s The Office of Hillary Rodman Clinton posted a page of campaign promises relating to infrastructure. One of the promises listed was a “$275 billion, five year [infrastructure] plan.” Therefore, the Democratic Party is supportive of a policy, yet when Trump proposes a policy with more spending for infrastructure, Democrats in Congress will not get behind it because Trump proposed it. Once again the American people pay the price (outdated infrastructure pay the price).

Overall, there was very little positive reaction from the Democratic side of the aisle, even when stories were told of true patriotism and escapees of the brutal North Korean regime. Moving forward, this kind of activity is only going to add to the polarization of politics. Time has also picked up on this negative change in the party, writing “the party desperately needs to develop a positive, uplifting message that doesn’t hinge on Trump bashing.” Americans are also picking up on this. According to a Time poll, just 32 percent of participants believed that the Democratic Party “stood for something,” while 52 percent majority believed the party just “stands against Trump.”

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  1. Pepper Mullen
    February 9, 2018 at 11:29 am — Reply

    “Either the Congressional Black Caucus doesn’t care that African Americans are employed, or more likely that they cannot support Trump simply because of their disdain for everything he does.” Your logic is faulty here. You assume you know all possible reasons why Dems behaved the way they did. It’s this or that, huh? Wrong. How about they couldn’t support Trump taking credit for the Obama Administrations accomplishments? Look at the real statistics on black unemployment for the last 9 years. You don’t have all the possible reasons they might sit without clapping, my friend. You just pretend you do.

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