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Democratic Candidates Not Named Bernie Sanders are Prime Options for Voters

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To counter the polarizing and scandal-ridden presidency of Donald J. Trump, the Democratic Party must support a candidate who is assertive to unite all American citizens with their politics and will pull in the party’s far left leaning constituents; that candidate is not Bernie Sanders.

Sanders’ presidential campaign for the 2016 election was far more successful than many expected given his almost extreme socialistic views. With his horde of passionate supporters, Senator Sanders is already a step ahead of the other Democrats. Yet, with that rise of popularity from the previous presidential election also created a large group that rejects Bernie’s campaign from both the Right-Wing and Left-Wing parties. A large part of the reason Trump won the election was because he brought excitement and a vigor to politics. Bernie is the electricity of 2016, not 2020. The current political arena has seen a rise in new voices and an energized class of Congress members that have experience and accomplishments to rival Bernie Sanders.

Kamala Harris has the ability and knowledge to reform the Criminal Justice System in great volumes. Her career as a prosecutor and as the Attorney General of California provide her insight into the gears and cogs of the system that have caused it to be a  machine for racism and recidivism.

Now, she has also gotten the lion’s share of criticism for working in the Criminal Justice system as a Black woman. Some fellow African Americans believe that she has done far more bad to the black community than good. Her being a part of this prejudice machine makes her an accessory to the racism that has plagued this country. But, I contest that having African-Americans like Harris in the system is a necessity, not an act of betrayal. To create real change starts from within. Barack Obama knew that, which is why he became president. Kamala Harris speaks with conviction and confidence, which is reminiscent of the strong Black women in my life. It is voice, that so far I have trusted.

Cory Booker has been, as of late, a fearless politician. This is clearly evident when he violated rules meant to restrain him from releasing sensitive documents to the public. He adamantly accepted any punishment he might have received from the Senate. The New Jersey Senator is accused of being theatric for media attention, and I cannot say I disagree with that assessment.

I do not think that is necessarily a bad thing. It seems to be a common trait of Booker, to fight on behalf of the people or underdog. He puts an emphasis on livable housing and criminal justice reform. He seems to be a man of honest living and has a appreciation for the traditional American ideals. Booker is extremely optimistic that he can unite all Americans no matter their demographic. That could be his ticket to the white house or his ticket back to Newark. Americans appreciate when a leader is inclusive and thinks about all walks of life. However, Americans also like when someone is earnest about choosing a side. Senator Booker could lose many Liberal Democrats because he is too hesitant to join them in ideology.

I think that Kirsten Gillibrand is often overlooked and will be a strong candidate once more people are made aware of her platform. She sponsored a bill to extend the the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund. She also, helped repeal the homophobic “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” military policy. Gillibrand has accomplished many actions during her time in Congress that is not given enough attention in this country’s political discussion. After, announcing her candidacy she has received a lot of criticism for apparently being a “flip-flopper” in her political stances. Yes, she has changed many of her major views regarding gun control and same-sex marriage, but so has a lot of people. The beauty of this country is you can learn from each and discuss because we have free, open dialogue. I would venture to say that a president should be able think critically on subjects and if given sufficient support or evidence change their opinion on a matter.

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