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Dead body found in tunnels at University at Albany

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By Janie Frank

A dead body was found in the tunnels at the University at Albany.

On Saturday, Sept. 19, the University Police Department received a report of a deceased male in the tunnels.

The Deputy Chief of University Police at UAlbany, Aran Mull, said the report was of a University employee who had a heart attacked and ultimately died. The employee was working at the time of his death.

“A community member found him collapsed in the tunnels and called us,” Mull said.

Upon receiving the report, UPD responded immediately, began CPR and called for medical assistance, according to Mull.

“UPD, paramedics and other emergency medical personnel worked for almost an hour but they were unable to revive the employee,” Mull said.

The Albany Student Press will be updating the story online as we receive more information.

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