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Dave Coulier creates a “Full House” of laughter

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Photo by Aaron Cheris Dave Coulier performs free stand-up in the Campus Center Ballroom.
Photo by Aaron Cheris
Dave Coulier performs free stand-up in the Campus Center Ballroom.

By Kevin Mercado

Staff Writer

[email protected]

     Dave Coulier, most commonly known as Joey Gladstone from ABC’s “Full House,” performed a free stand-up comedy show in the Campus Center Ballroom during Homecoming weekend on Saturday, Oct. 11. Coulier performed to a sold-out crowd.

   Coulier began his show by referencing his time on “Full House.” He said he knows that the audience was thinking about whether or not he actually the knew the other cast members.

   “It’s not like I wasn’t on the show with these people,” Coulier said. “Three straight men taking care of three little girls is real believable.”

   In regards to his co-star, Bob Saget (Danny Tanner), Coulier asked if anyone in the audience has ever seen one of his stand-up shows. According to Coulier, people would wonder how anyone could let Saget take care of three little girls after watching his stand-up performance.

   Coulier has done a large amount of voice over work in his career from “Scooby and Scrappy Doo” to “The Jetsons” and “Robot Chicken.” He incorporated his ability to impersonate different cartoon characters and celebrities into his show. He recreated the voices of classic “Looney Tunes” characters Foghorn Leghorn and the Tasmanian Devil. He also said he loves coming to New York because he can use his Joe Pesci accent, as he demonstrated, and no one would ever question him.

  Coulier talked about his relationship with his dad and how his dad does not like people with long hair because they must be doing some kind of drug. He also brought his own son who is in his mid twenties and the differences in video games. Controllers, according to Coulier, are much more complex than the three button controller necessary to play “Super Mario.”

   He introduced his show by saying, “I don’t know how to end” so he gave a cue of a tuba noise to know when to laugh at or applaud a joke. At one point he whipped out his harmonica and started to play blues tunes.

   Coulier made the show interactive as well. At one point toward the beginning of the show, while he was trying to make his tuba jokes, he noticed an audience member quickly rushing out of the room. He asked, “Hey, where are you going?” to which she did not reply. He then asked the audience, “Is she going to take a poop?”

   When she returned she brought in a friend and explained that she had to give him his ticket. While on stage, Coulier started talking with him and found out that he does not go to school at the University at Albany but recently graduated from Union College. Apparently he answered while covering half of his mouth as if it was a secret or he was trying to project his voice. Coulier ran with it and kept making jokes about him like, “be careful you can’t trust those Union boys” while covering his mouth as the Union graduate did.

   Along with that, Coulier noticed a girl on her cell phone. He asked her what her name was and she answered, “Sheri Sarnoff.” He brought her on stage and told her that she was going to record a video of all of the audience doing his famous “cut it out” bit and later post it to Twitter. The crowd complied and sure enough it posted on twitter later that night. 

   Not only did he do the “cut it out” bit, but he also did his “water sprinkler” bit that has been featured on “Full House” before. He took a sip of his water and spit onto the stage like a sprinkler in a complete 360 motion.

   Coulier ended his show by playing his harmonica to another blues beat and spitting out random thoughts that did not fit anywhere else in the show. He compiles them all together at the end.

   Homecoming brought in a lot of families and especially young children. Coulier kept his show family friendly and impressively kept his show at a PG rating. He refrained from using any curse words and still kept the show pretty funny.

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