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Dartmouth shuts down Women’s Soccer

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By Lamya Zikry

Contributing Writer

[email protected]

September 11, 2015

Photo by Brittany Gregory/Albany Student Press.  UAlbany couldn't score a goal as they were shutout by Dartmouth at home.
Photo by Brittany Gregory/Albany Student Press.
UAlbany couldn’t score a goal as they were shutout by Dartmouth at home.

Although goalkeeper Alana Brennan was able to save five shots, two shots slid by her as the University at Albany lost 2-0 in a tough game against Dartmouth on a rainy Thursday night, Sept. 10 at Bob Ford Field.

UAlbany (3-4-0) defended against Dartmouth (2-1-1) in the first half, but fell after two goals by forward Lucielle Kozlov in the second half.

“Good teams will punish you if you don’t play well for a full 90 minutes,” said acting UAlbany head coach Nick Bochette.

He added that UAlbany showed some good stuff at different times and he was really happy with some of the things they did earlier in the game.

“It can be a fickle game. I thought we were the better team for large portions,” he said. “There were some good things and some bad things but when you play better teams you have to play well for 90 minutes or else you get punished.”

“It’s always tough losing a game especially a game when you don’t score because we had a lot of chances but we just move on to the next one and hopefully get a better result,” said co-team captain and midfielder Alexa Schneider.

Schneider believes that when the team gets an opportunity they have to make use of them and not let them get away.

“Any goal we could have scored would have changed the whole game. You really can’t fall asleep against a fast team like Dartmouth or they’re going to make you pay for it,” said Schneider.

“I feel like we played well but we played to Dartmouth’s level so we didn’t dictate what happened in this game. We kind of went with the flow and I think that’s what really brought us down,” said midfielder Caitlyn Paltsios.

UAlbany tried to set up their position in the opening minutes. Dartmouth made their first attack around the seventh minute when forward Melanie Vangel shot a ground ball but Brennan dove and saved it. Vangel got another shot right after the goal kick but it was blocked away.

In the 20th minute UAlbany got their first opportunity when the ball came out to Schneider who shot from 19 yards away but was blocked by Dartmouth’s goalkeeper Casey Cousineau. At halftime the score was still 0-0.

Eight minutes into the second half Kozlov scored her first goal. Vangel and Kozlov both ran down the field passing the ball back and forth battling against the UAlbany back line. Kozlov shot from 15 yards out to the left side of the field and the ball flew inside the right post.

In the 81st minute, Kozlov scored her second goal with an assist from defender Lindsay Knutson. Kozlov made a long range shot into the right post making the score 2-0 for Dartmouth.

“Sometimes even when you’re the aggressor, it doesn’t always work out well. The tide still can turn. Goals matter in this game. When they got a goal the game changed drastically and we couldn’t change it back in our favors so there’s a lot of good things to learn,” said Bochette., who rates Dartmouth pretty highly and thinks they were pretty good.

“We have to play well for larger segments to beat a better team like Dartmouth,” he said. “We won’t let this slow us down and if this game prepares us well for our conference play in two weeks then it has served its purpose.”

“I actually thought it was a pretty even game. Obviously Dartmouth was the better team today, they came out with the win but I think we played well. I think we just had to finish the opportunities we had because that’s what they did and that’s why they won. We’ll come out stronger the next game,” said Schneider.

Paltsios couldn’t agree more with Schneider.

“I think we came out strong but Dartmouth definitely outplayed us in the end. I think this is a learning opportunity and we’ll come out stronger the next game,” said Paltsios.

UAlbany will be hitting the road for the next four games. The next game is against Quinnipiac in Connecticut on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

Photo by Brittany Gregory/Albany Student Press.  UAlbany's attack was constantly stopped by Dartmouth's defense.
Photo by Brittany Gregory/Albany Student Press.
UAlbany’s attack was constantly stopped by Dartmouth’s defense.

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