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Damien’s Dominates: Worth the Wait

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Daniel Russell

    It took longer than expected to open, but Damien’s is finally here. It’s in a weird spot in the Campus Center, and its construction wasn’t without drama, but I think that the time we spent waiting was worth it. To me, it’s best spot to eat in the Campus Center, and it sets a strong example for what this campus should strive for when it comes to achieving a pleasant dining experience.

    First and foremost, having the buzzers that tell you when your food is ready is a great idea. I can sit down without having to worry about my number being called, something that happens frequently at both Fountain Grill and Cusato’s. The wait time for food is pretty short too; I’ve spent half an hour waiting for food at Fountain Grill, and have even had times where they forgot my order and I had to tell them about their mistake. No such experience has happened in my time at Damien’s so far.

    Damien’s also thrives in environment, due to the large space it occupies, as well as the amount of televisions that surround the eating area. I’m a simple person; I enjoy chowing down on a plate full of wings while watching a sporting event, and the only thing that would make it better would be a cold beer (I am of the legal drinking age) alongside it. But some people can’t let us have these nice things.

   As someone who really enjoys wings, Damien’s makes them far better than Cusato’s does. My only gripe is that the staff gives you the sauce to put on the wings on the side, and has you do them yourself. I personally don’t care how much sauce my wings have, but if someone is particular about it, then that’s something that’s good for them. And speaking of food, Damien’s has a wide menu that’s great for pretty much any appetite. Not in the mood for wings? You can get a wrap, burger, sandwich, or even nachos. Trying to eat healthy? They have three different salads that you can order from.

    Despite all the ways that I can compare and contrast Damien’s to the Campus Center’s other eateries, it isn’t exactly fair. Everywhere else in the Campus Center serves the sole purpose of making food and then having patrons be on their way. Whether it be to class, the library, or back to your dorm, you grab your food and go, and you don’t have a second thought about it. Damien’s is a whole other experience. It’s a place where you can get your food and stay there because of the atmosphere that surrounds you. It’s not that the other eateries fail to achieve this; they don’t even attempt it.

    If I could go to Damien’s everyday, I would. The only thing stopping me is that everytime I’m there, I wind up spending $15-$20 on food. If I did that everyday, my meal plan would be eviscerated in barely half a semester. So every now and then, I’ll stop by other places in the Campus Center where I can spend a bit less. But I’m never as satisfied. I encourage you to eat at Damien’s in the Campus Center if you haven’t done so already. It was worth the wait.


Class of '18 - Daniel Russell is the opinions editor for the Albany Student Press, and helps come up with the debate topics each week. He’s an English major, and last summer, he interned for a website called Newscult, writing various entertainment articles.

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