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Danes Baseball Savino-s the Best for Last: Dominic Savino

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If you told Dominic Savino in his senior year of high school that he’d have a chance to be the winningest pitcher in University at Albany baseball history, most likely he wouldn’t believe you.

It took the urging of coaches to get him to see that he could play at the next level.

“I never thought I was good enough.” Savino said. Looking back on it now, it’s no surprise how the 6-foot-6 righty got to the point he is today.

If anyone stepped on the Danes’ Varsity Field to watch a practice, they would notice the mischievous smile that pops on Savino’s face when head coach Jon Mueller sees him step onto the field.

“Dom is a fierce competitor and he is a very bright young man. Sometimes that can be a challenge as head coach to be able to convince himself to do some things” Coach Mueller said. “But he is well respected and a warrior”

When walking to the field for practice, Savino had no shortage of teammates to accompany him. Many would consider themselves to be close friends of his, including junior infielder Nick Kondo.

“When Dom is on the mound we’re confident, it also helps that we are really close friends off the field.” Kondo said. “Dom is a great leader and pushes us to get better.”.

Savino’s role with the team has changed throughout his career as a Dane. He started in the bullpen and moved to the starting rotation as a junior.

“I threw a lot of innings out of the pen my sophomore year, I think I lead the team in that. I always felt I could help more and more and throw more innings because my arm has always been healthy.” Savino said when asked about his days in the pen.

Savino was no slack out of the pen. He had 47 relief appearances as a reliever for the Danes in two years, and totaled 58 strikeouts over close to 100 innings.

When asked to take the mound as a starter for the first time in 2017, Savino wanted to show his inner warrior, and to make the best of his new role.

“When I got a chance to take the ball opening day as a starter my junior year I wanted to make the best of it. It has been an up and down journey transitioning to a starter, but I feel like it will pay off.”.  

Throughout his career at UAlbany, Savino has definitely had a few standout performances.

“I’m not really a strike out guy” said the senior when asked how he felt when he sat 15 batters down in one game at Hofstra his junior year, the highlight of his career in his mind.

“But that day my slider was working and they were swinging at pretty much everything. Half way through the game I was like wow I got a good amount of strikeouts.”

That he did.

The journey to becoming the most winningest pitcher in school history hasn’t always been a smooth one. This year alone Savino has had to overcome injuries and illness.

“This year he has gotten though a little bit of an injury and sickness.” said coach Mueller. “He is starting to feel much better physically”.

The question now: what comes next for Savino.

“If someone gives me a chance in either the [MLB] draft or signs me after the draft — That would be my number one priority.”

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