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Construction update: Coccadotts torn down for seating

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Photo by Janie Frank
Photo by Janie Frank

By Janie Frank

News Editor

[email protected]

June 5, 2015

Rachel Cocca-Dott, owner of Coccadotts Cake Shop, said she was unaware that her store at the University at Albany campus had been torn down.

“Coccadotts not returning in the fall just came as a big surprise to me,” she said.

Stephen Pearse, executive director of University Auxiliary Services, and Tim MacTurk, the district manager of Sodexo, are currently deciding what to do in the future regarding a Coccadotts store.

“We are not sure what will happen in terms of an actual Coccadotts store,” Pearse said. “We may just sell the product out of another retail venue such as 518.”

Photo by Janie Frank.
Photo by Janie Frank.

Although the owner said she did not know until early this week, the Coccadotts store will not be on campus in the fall.

“That space is going to be open seating in the new campus center design, so it will never be an actual store again,” Pearse said.

The new East addition will not feature the store either.

“There isn’t room for the store,” MacTurk of Sodexo said. “But we will feature the product to sell.”

Pearse said Cocca-Dott was aware that she would have no say in the future of her store at UAlbany.

“The owner knew about the plans and the timing of the renovation prior to her deciding to have a shop on campus,” he said. “She decided she would still like to have a presence here, even if it was only for one year.”

Cocca-Dott did not have a say in what would happen to her store’s location on campus.

“She wasn’t involved in making the decision to be moved because it was already decided as part of the renovation plans for the campus center,” Pearse said.

Although there will be no Coccadotts store this fall, MacTurk confirmed that its cupcakes will still be sold out of the 518 Market and also featured in the new East addition being constructed this summer.

“We are working with [Cocca-Dott] to ensure that we keep the brand standards in both locations,” MacTurk said.


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