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Computer engineering program possible at UAlbany

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By Janie Frank

News Editor


Nov 18, 2014

   A computer engineering program is in the works at the University at Albany.

   President Robert Jones explained that the program is supposed to begin in the fall semester of 2015, provided it is approved.

   The plan has to be approved by the State University of New York and the New York State Board of Education, according to the Director of Media Relations at UAlbany, Karl Luntta.

   “While we can’t predict when all approvals will be in hand, the goal is to begin to offer program courses next year,” Luntta said.

Students with high school experience in math and science will be best prepared for the program, according to Luntta.

   The program will not be available to incoming freshmen next year.

   “Present UAlbany students, community college transfers, international students and upper division students from  four year colleges and universities are welcome to register,” Luntta said.

   While they cannot register for the next fall semester, freshman will be able to register eventually.

   “We’re not planning on bringing in freshmen until 2016,” Jones explained.

   Jones hopes that in five years time the program will be a dominant major at UAlbany.

   “These are cutting edge future programs that will be generating the workforce in the future,” Jones said.

   The hiring of five faculty members for the program has already been approved.

   The ultimate goal is to create a school of engineering at UAlbany, according to President Jones.

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