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Colonial dining hall set to close next semester

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University Auxiliary Services confirmed Thursday that Colonial Quad’s dining hall will close next semester — a move that will keep student meal plans from becoming more expensive.

Savings from the closing will prevent student meal plan rates from a 3.5 to 4 percent increase next year, according to the executive director of University Auxiliary Services, Stephen Pearse.

“We know keeping costs down is important to our student customers, so we try to do that at every chance it is reasonable to do it without sacrificing quality,” said Pearse. “Colonial just isn’t being used enough to warrant the resources necessary to keep it open.”

UAS reported a 69 percent decrease in usage in the fall semester and a 71 percent drop this semester.

“We take our cues from students, who are our customers,” said Pearse, who explained that students prefer other dining options, such as the Campus Center.

Though there have been no formal announcements made regarding the dining hall’s closure, Pearse said that Residential Life and UAS are preparing students for the change by making them aware as they choose housing for next year.

“If they aren’t making money, closing it is probably the smartest thing to do,” said Jessica Rubbert, a junior biology major living on Alumni Quad. While on campus, she usually opts for the Campus Center.

With the closing, Colonial Quad’s 20 employees will relocate to other venues on campus, Pearse said.

“There are typically enough openings in dining services that we expect that every employee who wishes to remain will be able to find a position elsewhere on campus,” said Pearse.

“This savings is a benefit that will positively impact all students with a meal plan, including those at Colonial.”

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