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Coffee for Finals

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SA Elections: Winter 2018

There are 49 seats in the SA senate. Who is your representative? Click the boxes to find out.


Saskia Pilorge, Tyler Polite, Mitchell Rybak, Subha Tasnim, Anna Agnes, Dillon Asmus, Chloe Blaise, Danny Cheng, Sean Correia, and Brandon Holdridge.

Senator-at-Large vacancies

Previously held by Amanda Goldfine, Moises Urena, and Dejourae Williams.

Off-Campus Senator

Olivia Johansen, Jouly Lajara, Phil O'Meara, Mark Anthony-Quinn, Zacharie St. Hubert, Cara Berkey, and Hannah Bostwick.

Off-Campus Senator vacancy

Last filled by Patrick Carroll.

First-Year Senator

ChiChi Igboekwe and Isiah James.

Law and Government Senator

Jarrett Altilio and Paul Cupuano.

Humanities Senator

Jeffrey Shapiro and Jenna Zier.

Business and Management Senator

Nicholas Leonardo and Amanda Demma.

Applied/Natural Sciences Senator

Chaz Blackwood and Morgan Eldridge.

Liberty Terrace Senator

Paulina Hatzipetrakos and Hannah Smith.

Dutch Quad Senator

Terrell Miller and Jessica Richards.

State Quad Senator

Cassandra Jones and Max Sevor.

Empire Commons Senator

Nadia Naoum and Lela Edwards.

Social Sciences Senator

Brianna Dominquez and Kennedy Kujawa,

Freedom Quad Senator

Jack O'Connell and Adam Shayo.

Indian Quad Senator

Kenny Barrera.

Indian Quad vacancy

Last held by Logan Losito.

Alumni Quad Senator

Desann Carty.

Alumni Quad vacancy

Last held by Carlos McArthur.

Colonial Quad Senator and vacancy

In office: Owen Howard
Impeached: Katherine Dobler

Coffee is the must-have of for every college student during finals week. It’s true that a crappy cup will get the job done, but occasionally it is worth springing for the good stuff. I sampled four coffees to find out if they were worth their price. Three of these coffees were sent to me by Current Coffee, a locally based coffee company in Schenectady, NY, the fourth I purchased from Dodger Coffee Company, a small craft coffee brand, started by youtuber, Brooke Thorne. The sample pack –three packs of 2 oz– from Current Coffee costs $7.95 and the 12 oz. bag from Dodger costs $16.

The Dodger coffee had a full-bodied rich flavor. It was very low in acidity, with no aftertaste. The peanut notes mentioned on the bag were pronounced, but I had a difficult time tasting the cocoa and caramel flavor it claimed to have. It seemed too strong to have with breakfast every morning, but Dodger would do the trick for finals week.

Electric, Current Coffee’s light roast, was aromatic and sweet. The coffee was light and inoffensive in flavor, almost chocolaty. It was slightly acidic but not bitter. It was my favorite of the Current Coffee pack. After the tasting I found that it look milk and sugar well. It was delicious but it was not strong. It made me want to snuggle up and read and book but I don’t think it could get me through a ten page paper.

City was medium roast. It was bitter and nutty. It’s cocoa and nut undertones were an intense trip for my taste buds. It was full-bodied and dynamic cup of coffee. I felt invigorated and motivated to get to work.

The final coffee from Current Coffee was Street Light. While City had cocoa undertones, Street Light tasted strongly of dark chocolate. It was smokey and rich, a great after dinner coffee. This is a coffee that could keep you up all night if you’re not careful.

For finals I would suggest Dodger. It is pungent and strong. For casual drinking I prefer Electric, a soft, smooth roast.


Katie Gibson is the lifestyle editor for the Albany Student Press. She is also a DJ for WCDB.

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