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CNSE Community Day kicks off NANOvember

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by Haley Viccaro

Contributing Writer

The College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering had a record turnout for its fifth annual Nano Community Day on Saturday, which is part of the month-long “NANOvember” celebration.

More than 1,500 people explored the world of nanotechnology at the college and had the opportunity to participate in various presentations, demonstrations and cleanroom tours.

“The goal is to introduce people and educate people about the world of nanotechnology, to give them the sense of how nanotechnology enabled innovations are impacting and improving every facet of life,” said CNSE Vice President for Marketing and Communications Steve Janack.

The nanotechnology presentations detailed CNSE’s impact on various areas of research and in society statewide. For a hands-on experience of Nano research, displays were provided for people of all ages to build polymers and view clean energy models.

The cleanroom tours and gowning demonstrations were the most popular activities at Community Day. Stephen Stewart, Equipment Evaluation and Support Specialist, encouraged people in the audience to gown up in “bunny suits” and conduct experiments for the crowd.

Dr. Scott Tenenbaum, Associate Professor of Nanobioscience, hosted tours of the cleanrooms in NanoFab North and explained to visitors what work CNSE faculty and engineering team members in the workplace are doing.

Prospective students had the chance to learn about CNSE’s undergraduate and graduate programs as well as initiatives for K-12 students. Dr. Sara Brenner, Assistant Professor of Nanobioscience, presented information about nanotechnology’s use in medicine.

“One of the most important innovations and applications of nanotechnology in the 21st century would be in healthcare,” Benner said. “That includes using nanotechnology in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.”

Nanomedicine examples include cancer treatment research developing target drug delivery systems directly to the site of the tumor to treat cancer. Nanotechnology is also used in research for tissue engineering to regenerate tissues and organs.

“NANOvember” also includes a lecture series throughout the month for distinguished professors and executive staff to present information on specific fields in nanotechnology, including national defense and the Global 450mm Consortium.

The Nano Job Fair on Nov. 7 is being held to fill more than 300 positions especially targeting women, veterans and minorities to apply for jobs that are growing at the college.

“We are looking for engineers, process operators and people with technical skills but we are also looking for people in operational and support positions, such as those that would work in finance, security and maintenance positions as well,” Janack said.

There will be a NanoText competition on Nov. 17 for people to battle against each other in a speed-texting competition. The event will express how the Smartphone revolution has advanced with the use of nanotechnology.

“An event like this, we hope people get a sense of how exciting and how important all of these nanotechnology breakthroughs are,” Janack said. “But they also get a sense of what a role New York State and CNSE is playing in making that happen and by doing so, understand the opportunities that are there from education, undergraduate and graduate studies and job opportunities.”

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