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Capital Cities coming to the capital city

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The artists behind the hit single Safe and Sound are coming to Upstate Concert Hall on Oct. 29.

Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian, or the duo known as Capital Cities, are taking their North American tour to the Capital Region.

ASP: How did you guys get started? 

Ryan Merchant: Well Sebu and I (my partner) have known each other for five years. In 2010 we started with Safe and Sound, we put it on the internet. It spread organically, and we got signed. In 2008 I answered Sebu who had posted on craigslist looking for someone to do music production. We were writing music for TV commercials and were based out of LA. I’ve lives in LA since I was 18, after I went to school in Paris for two years in high school. If feels really good, it’s been such a long path to get to where it is- we released in back in 2011. We had doubts it was going to be the hit that it could be.

ASP: What’s the best part about what you do? 

R.M.: I think performing is really fun because it’s one of those rare moments where you are completely in the moment, where you’re completely present. It’s really fun to see your song climb the charts and how much demand there is for live shows, and going to crazy places like Australia, Tokyo, and Japan.

ASP: What’s up next for you guys? 

R.M.: After this US tour, we’ll probably do some more performing, we’re going to Asia. Sebu actually has a baby due in February, so we’ll probably take February and March off. It’s extremely chaotic, but we’ll probably do another big tour, and hopefully another album in around 2015. There are times when it’s difficult. I’m tall, so planes aren’t always comfortable, but besides that I really like traveling.

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