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Candidates eye reforms on campaign trail for SA President

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It’s election season and students this week have a choice between a freshman senator or the current chief of staff for the position of president.

Desann Carty, chief of staff to current SA President Langie Cadesca, is running against State Quad senator Zachary Constantine.

Constantine and his running mate Ivan Daquial are first year representatives from State Quad and first-year-at large, respectively.  

Carty, currently a junior, has been involved with SA for the last two years, serving as a senator last academic year before becoming the chief of staff for SA’s current president, Langie Cadesca.  

Her running mate, Ariel Nuñez, is a current Purple and Gold Ambassador and a member of SA’s Strategic Plan committee.

“I like the ideas that Dee (Carty) and Ariel (Nuñez) have,” said Nikita Gasu, an RA on State quad, and a Junior at UAlbany. “I also don’t know them that well. (Constantine and Daquial).”

Constantine, however, has earned a reputation among some students who view him as a political outsider free of SA’s troubled past.

“I’m voting for Constantine because he has good policy compared to his opposition, who seems to have none,” said freshman Anthony Parillo.

“I also believe that he is genuine in his policy propositions and he seems to be clear of the corruption that seems to be common in my student government. And I like that.”


 Constantine and Daquial are running on a “Do More” platform.

“I no longer want talk about what the Student Association can’t do,” Constantine said.

“We came into this organization knowing what we wanted it to do, what it should do, and what it’s capable of doing,” he added.

The pair, if elected, hope to create three stipended “caseworker” positions in Student Group Affairs to serve as a liaison between student groups and the Executive Branch.

They also hope to improve the efficiency to Parkfest, add more intercultural events and increase accountability of SA’s executive branch.

The organization faced criticism last year over its failure to provide biweekly expenditure reports and a controversial trip to New Orleans during Mardi Gras to attend a diversity conference.

“We are not jaded by the experience that we’ve had and the things we haven’t accomplished,” Constantine said.

    Carty’s platform centers around the acronym “I.T.S. T.I.M.E,” which stands for: Include The Students (to work towards) Transparency, Integration and innovation, Mobilization and movement, and Excelling in everything we do.

Carty did not respond to multiple request for comment, but the platform’s Instagram page provides insight on what they hope to accomplish.

This includes transparency in the activities of the Student Association, and a greater involvement of the SA in the daily happenings of their funded groups.

The campaign is promising a breakdown of the barrier between students and the the SA, and getting many more students to be involved in campus life.

    There was a debate scheduled between the candidates on February 26th, but it was cancelled and moved to Monday March 4th. Watch for coverage online by the ASP.

    The election will be held online over MyUAlbany from March 6 to 8.


Nate Depaul is a staff reporter in the news section of the Albany Student Press.

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