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Can you hold the guacamole please?

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By Yekaterina Bychko 

Staff writer 

[email protected] 

Located in the heart of Albany’s Madison Avenue, Juniors is a refreshing place to grab some food and enjoy a few beers with friends while checking out the restaurant’s pretty standard pub-slash-tavern scene featuring exposed brick, booths, and high stool tables.

There’s a bar as well as a patio where patrons can enjoy the fresh air and eat their food outdoors.

With flat screen televisions on the walls and beams, diners can keep up with their favorite sports and never miss a beat.

The attire for the waiters and waitresses seems to just be all black, once again fitting into the theme of a relaxed standard pub scene.

All in all, the atmosphere of Juniors is stress free and truly gets five out of five stars namely for their simplistic yet complex décor.

The overall appearance seems to be simple, but upon second glance the patron realizes that they are looking at a work of design- featuring carefully placed televisions and other wall-decorations, wooden tables and stools that play in with the old pub theme, and of course the dark lighting as if lit by candlelight.

However, Juniors was lacking when it came to cleanliness, or at least the appearance of cleanliness. The wooden tables may fit in wonderfully with the theme, but they do not have a table skirt or an easy to clean surface.

This really makes you wonder how clean the table that your napkin lies on really is even though the reader must take note that this is a discussion of the appearance of cleanliness and no actual tests were conducted.

Another thing that may catch the patron’s eye is the way refills work. The waiter/waitress simply takes your cup with your straw and takes it to the back and brings it back. The patron has no idea whether they are receiving a clean glass and straw or not.

Of course the benefit of the doubt must be assumed because other than these few instances, Juniors ultimately appears to be very clean.

The final and most important aspect is of course the food! Juniors is known for their delicious burgers and mouth-watering quesadillas.

The burgers are phenomenal and under $10, which is everything a college student would ask for. Their quesadillas are perfectly proportioned and also under 10$- perfect for a cheap dinner.

With regards to their quality of food, Juniors truly delivers and receives five out of five stars, although their fries aren’t anything special at all.

A huge criticism can truly be made for their side extras. Upon ordering a quesadilla, the waitress asks very nonchalantly whether a side of ‘guac’ (guacamole) is desired. You say yes or no and everyone goes about his or her day.

When you finally get your check, you realize you were charged two extra dollars for this tiny plastic shot-glass type holder that didn’t even provide enough for your entire quesadilla! That’s a fifth of the price of your quesadilla just added on without any heads up or warning.

It almost seems like you are getting ripped off and for that, Juniors receives a three out of five stars for their service. For college students, being ripped off doesn’t create a friendly vibe.

Overall, the atmosphere of Juniors is fantastic despite some minor setbacks. Monday night is trivia night and for no price at all, patrons can sign up to compete with other tables or teams and maybe win a round of shots or a pitcher of beer.

A simple meal with friends can easily turn into a three hour night of great laughs, which is essentially all that college students really needs.

Would I go back to Juniors? Absolutely! But maybe this time I will hold the guac.

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