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Campus Rec Tightens Regulations on Dress Code Policy

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Campus Recreation center is reinforcing its new dress code from the academic year.

Before the new dress-code rules, students were allowed to dress anything they felt comfortable in, including sports-bras, tank tops, and spandex shorts.

One of the female workers in the SEFCU fitness center who wished to stay anonymous shared that these new rules are to make sure everyone is staying healthy and clean. “People sweat and it’s easier to spread infections if people are on the open,” she said.

Sandals, flip flops, crocs, boots, black-soled shoes, jeans, and any pants with buttons or hardware (zippers/rivets) and skirts are prohibited,” said Jessica Blasioli, assistant director of Fitness and Wellness center.

“Shirts are required at all times. Cutoffs, midriffs, or altered shirts are prohibited,” said Blasioli.

The new dress code is stated on the website, and in all fitness centers on the university under their policies and rules.

This new dress code will be reinforced in SEFCU, Quads, and the group exercise classes such as yoga, killa kardio, and fuel Campus Recreation offers.

Blasioli said considering these sudden changes won’t be so hard on the students. “Our fitness assistants or group exercise instructors will explain the policy and ask the individual to change or ask them to come back if they’re not following the new dress-code rules,” she said.

Blasioli also shared the worker’s sentiments while saying that they want to reinforce the dress-code because “it will help with the maintenance of the equipment, and ensure the safety and wellness of our patrons.”

The assistant director shared, “This policy is instituted at other university fitness centers nationwide, making us feel confident in our ability to promote a safe environment for our patrons and it will be successful.”

However, no record in the online sites of Stony Brook University and Buffalo State show a dress-code policy in their facility rules. Binghamton University does. 

“Some may be inconvenienced, but overall, utilization of the fitness centers and group exercise classes will increase due to less possible exposure to transmission of germs and the creation of an environment of increased body positivity,” said Blasioli explaining the upcoming increase in number of members who use the fitness center.

Some students approve of these changes. “I always dress ‘appropriate’ anyways. It’s great that now others have to as well and it’ll be protecting my health more,” said Melanie Granados, a sophomore student who frequently attends the Colonial quad fitness center.

Another student felt the changes were unnecessary.

Walki Perez, a junior who exercises at the SEFCU fitness center, said, “Although I don’t mind these news changes, I feel we should still be able to wear whatever we want to because at the end of using any machine we have to clean them up regardless.”

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