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About Brett Kavanaugh: Don’t Be Disappointed, Be Angry

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Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee now infamous for sexual assault allegations made against him, is officially a Supreme Court Justice. Despite a personal defense that could have only been dreamt up by an overly entitled white guy and the intense protests that occurred as a result, he’s now a justice in a new conservative Supreme Court majority, the worst-case scenario for women and minorities the country over now fearing the loss of their hard-fought rights.

Any astute political observer shouldn’t be surprised by this. While, once upon a time, the whims of a vocal majority may have been headed by those in power, the GOP, in the age of Donald Trump, has already shown that this doesn’t concern them. Literally every attempt by the GOP over the past two years to pass laws and regulations that hurt those who aren’t rich, white, and male shows this apathy, so to expect Republicans like Susan Collins to suddenly turn around and defy the wishes of their own party and listen to constituents is a fool’s errand.

People are right to feel disappointed that this is what our democracy has devolved into. But I’d personally be much more than disappointed, for to say you’re disappointed implies that you expected a different result. It implies that you expected congressional Republicans to listen to those protesting with all their might when that was never going to happen, for no matter how much Republicans like Jeff Flake grandstanded on giving accusers like Dr. Ford a chance to say their side of the story, deep down, you knew they would completely disregard Kavanaugh’s accusers the moment that Republican representatives were out of the spotlight.

With this in mind, don’t be disappointed about the possibility of a non-existent result; be angry that congressional Republicans rigged the game so that this was the ONLY possible result. This shouldn’t be a case where people look disdainfully at Republican senators and say, publicly or in their minds, “I expected better from you.” They were never going to be better than what they are now. The vote was never going to be more than a party-line vote, and the Republican majority was going to make Brett Kavanaugh a Supreme Court Justice whether people liked it or not. The only possible reason that a person could have expected different is if that person had not watched or heard anything political in the past two years, which, considering how much Trump appears in the news, is almost impossible.

So be angry that Republicans rigged the system the way they did. But don’t use this anger indirectly or sporadically. While a good protest or Twitter rant may allow you to let off some steam, it won’t do much if Republican representatives aren’t listening to the people in the first place. So instead of this, keep your anger, for we are only a month away from being able to express it in a more productive way at the polls. Come Nov. 6, we have the opportunity to express our anger in the ballot box and, as a result, vote out the Republicans behind this circumvention of democracy in the first place. Only if we focus our collective anger in this way can we have representatives and senators who listen to the people instead of party heads and, as a result, respond to public protests of “we don’t want this” not with belittlement, but with open minds.

So, disappointed by Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation? Be angry on Nov. 6 instead.

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  1. Ra
    October 24, 2018 at 9:00 am — Reply

    The total lack of political awareness displayed by young people is not encouraging. I’d encourage every millennial to stay home in your Handmaid’s Tale dresses on November 6, your country will be better off without your ignorance.

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