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Beach balls, a giant lion, and dancing sharks, oh my

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By Jessica Jacobs 

Staff Writer

[email protected]

February 10, 2015

Photo Credit: usmagazine.com Katy Perry dances with her sharks during halftime.
Photo Credit: usmagazine.com
Katy Perry dances with her sharks during halftime.


The Super Bowl halftime show has always been one of the most talked about performances on live television since the beginning of the tradition that started in 1967. There are unforgettable moments, such as Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction, Paul McCartney single-handedly bringing the house down, Britney Spears, N’SYNC, Mary J Blige and Nelly joining Aerosmith in a show no one saw coming, and who can forget that Beyoncé performance throwing it back to Destiny Child? All were legendary in their own way.

The Super Bowl is a hard gig to book because you have to appeal to such a large audience including men, women, and children of all ages. When it was announced that Katy Perry would be taking the stage for the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show there was a mix of reactions. Yes, Perry is a pop icon but was she a suitable choice for the older crowd that watches the show as well? They threw in Lenny Kravitz to give the show some edge. People were excited to see what the two would do together, an American Woman duet possibly? There was a lot of excitement and of course, standards to be met for this performance to try and top the abundance of performances that they were following. Two days before the Super Bowl aired, word got out that the famous Missy Elliot would be joining Perry on the stage as well during the Super Bowl halftime show, which made people’s heads spin.

Inevitably, when the announcement came on that the half-time show was beginning, all eyes were turned to the television.

Then came Katy Perry, entering in a flamed ensemble, riding a gargantuan, over the top, shiny lion. She started the performance with her recently released song “Roar,” and people were signing along to the catchy tune. As the show went on, Lenny Kravitz came on the stage. You could hear the roar from the crowd when they saw the heart throb holding his guitar as fire was spewing around him. Then he starts singing, and not one of his anticipated songs came out of his mouth, but rather “I Kissed A Girl,” the 2008 single that kicked off Perry’s career. The two made the song into a duet and put on a show for the crowd that left people a little confused as to why she would chose a song from such an early point in her career.

Then came the dancing sharks. Perry had a “cutesy” set of background dancers during her “California Girls” and “Teenage Dream” performance that included dancing sharks, and beach balls.

Finally, it was time for the awaited performance from Missy Elliott, a true throwback for sure, but a loved one. When “Get Ur Freak On” blasted through the speakers of the stadium the crowd in Arizona and at homes, everything instantly got insane. Dancing and singing along to the throwback hits of Missy Elliott really made the halftime show come alive. Perry joined Elliott for two of the three songs of which Elliott was granted in the 12 and a half minute performance, which is a huge slot to be granted as a guest during the Super Bowl halftime show. It was said by Billboard Magazine that Missy Elliott’s song downloads and albums posted a sales gain of 996 percent in the week ending Feb. 1, the week of the Super Bowl. Not only did Elliott pick up the pace for the halftime show, the halftime show picked up the pace of Elliott’s career.

Lastly was the closing song, “Firework.” Perry was airlifted on a gliding comet, wearing something

sparkly, and what seemed like to be holding on for dear life. Overall, the performance was cute, well rehearsed, and entertaining. Katy Perry did not miss a single step or a note during her performance.

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