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Another take on Miley’s provocative antics

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By Genesis Rodriguez 

Contributing Writer 


Miley Cyrus is no longer the Hannah Montana of our teens. Even though Cyrus was the face of Disney during her adolescence that does not mean that she should remain as a representation of Disney her whole life. Miley Cyrus shouldn’t remain a stand still figure of innocence and naivety.

Personally, I enjoyed her performance. Throughout the rest of the VMAs, my mind remained stuck on Miley’s twerking and foam finger. Cyrus had left me shocked, wholly entertained and surprised. No one expected America’s Hannah Montana to strip, twerk and then shake her butt on Robin Thicke.

Cyrus took the VMA spotlight and quickly became the talk of the country. Cyrus was brave and had enough confidence in herself to be different, controversial and sexy. Taking her own road, with her head high, is something not every celebrity has the guts to do. This won’t be the last of Cyrus; she is a force in her own sense.

Years ago, Madonna wore a wedding dress and humped the stage. In 2003, Britney and Madonna made out. A few years back, Kanye West insulted Taylor Swift in front of millions. As the VMAs history shows, they are meant for elements of surprise and crazy entertainment. No one watches the VMAs expecting them to be boring and safe.

During an interview, Justin Timberlake was asked what he thought of Cyrus’ performance. Timberlake stated that it was the VMAs and people shouldn’t have expected anything different. The VMAs are historic for housing crazy and outrageous performances that though controversial, make music and performance history.

Those who hated Cyrus’ performance secretly enjoyed the spontaneity and discomfort. Hannah Montana was not meant to be half naked and overtly sexual, but Miley was. Cyrus’ performance was unnatural for those that saw her as the Disney star, but for the rest it was secretly enjoyable. Cyrus caused a stir and got everyone talking.

It’s an entertainer’s job to show us something different, dangerous and controversial. All her foam finger action and sexual thrusts were over the top and interesting. But, one thing that did bother me was her constant need to stick her tongue out in an obnoxious fashion.

When a character becomes popular, it gets difficult for the actor/actress to break free from that persona. As soon as Cyrus was off Disney, she did everything to get away from her Hannah Montana image. Cyrus dated older men, smoked weed and became a twerking sensation. Cyrus began hanging out with rappers and big booty girls.

Miley Cyrus has left it clear that she does not want to be Disney; she just wants to be herself. Growing up, Miley Cyrus was a role model for 14-year-olds but she is now an adult and deserves to let her freak flag fly. As the open-minded generation we proclaim to be, we should understand the importance of being different.

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