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Anonymous admiration page sweeps campus

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By Susan Coniglio

Staff Writer

Do you have someone on campus that you have your eye on, but just don’t have the guts to talk to? UAlbany Crushes just might be your solution. The Facebook page created on March 25 has exploded into popularity in the past week.

The group was created by a pair of students, who chose to remain anonymous for sake of consistency. The duo has since recruited their suite mates to help weeding out vulgar and unfit submissions. Upon the day of creation, the page had 360 ‘likes’ the page at last count has 2,814 likes, and that number is still rising.

“We didn’t think it would get to be this big,” they said.

The page allows students to write anonymous messages to their secret or not-so-secret crushes, which are then posted on the page’s wall for everyone to see.

Submissions remain anonymous, although many submitters chose to include the name of their flame. As the page itself puts it, “Whether it’s the guy across the hall or the girl who was in front of you today on the Zepp’s line, tell your campus crush how you feel anonymously at…” followed by a link.

The anonymity is controlled though a link which takes the sender to a Google Docs page.

So far the majority of the confessions range from tacky pick up lines to ode-like declarations of love and beauty and admiration and of course, blatant sexual comments and requests.

The posts range from direct

messages to a certain person whom the anonymous sender addresses by name, while others are quests to find the identity of a mystery person the sender finds appealing, or just want to fornicate with.

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“We want people to know there might be someone out there who thinks you are beautiful,” they said adding that the intended purpose of the group was meant to be fun and in good faith.

The team does sort through all the submissions and weeds out excessively crude, violent or stalker-like submissions. They estimate an average of 20 submissions per hour and work in shifts to keep fresh crushes coming through.

So far the page has more than 1,000 posts directed at crush- worthy UAlbany students and upon “liking” the page, one’s newsfeed receives a constant stream of crushes.

The ladies said their test to see how well the page was taking off was a trip to the library. After a short walk through they found three or four people on the page laughing at the posts.

“That’s when we knew it had kind of blown up,” they said.

Ben Cramer, a sophomore, was one of many to receive a secret crush notification.

“I think the page is harmless enough. It gives everyone something fun to do, plus it’s pretty cool to see your name show up there. Obviously a ton of the submissions are going to be people messing with their friends, but in the end I think it’s a good idea. Seeing my name pop up there was exciting until I realized that it was just one of my friends having a good laugh, but you can tell some of them are definitely real,” he said.

Time will tell if the popularity of the page will last or slowly be forgotten, like last years “UAlbany Memes” page or College ACB, the anonymous posting site that turned ugly. For now it remains a fun and exciting, though sometimes creepy way for UAlbany students to flirt with each other.

“It might fizzle out but then again there is always someone new to crush on,” one of the creators said.

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