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@AintDatUA captures the funnier side of student lifestyle

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If you have been scrolling through Instagram lately, it’s likely you’ve heard of the account that is capturing the true culture of being a University at Albany student.

Started a few years ago, the page @AintDatUA has taken social media at UAlbany, and it’s students, by storm.The ‘UA’ in the handle stands for “United Albany”.

“We wanted to entertain college students as well as give them a platform where diverse groups in Albany could come together and bring ideas, art, and movements in a close-knit community,” said Oscar Gomez, co-creator and runner of the popular account.

The majority of the content on the account includes hilarious photos, sometimes shocking videos, and incredibly relatable memes.

Matthew Kim, the pages other creator, notes that the account is also meant to “reveal the fun, original and crazy social lifestyle only a student in Albany can experience.”

Gomez and Kim say the account actually started in the fall of 2016 as a group project for a mass communications course. After the class had ended, the two decided to continue running the account, growing it into what it is today.

As the account progressed we created more homegrown content, videos and pictures, that catered specifically to Albany and that stayed relevant trying to bring more value and creative culture to the community,” Gomez said.

Since its birth, the page has gained over 3,800 followers and upwards of 450 posts. It offers something that every student can relate to, regardless of the circle in which you belong.

Because the two founders have since graduated from the university, they decided to bring into a third student who currently attends the college to help run the account. Jameson Stummer, who says he’s a “sophomore credits-wise… but feels more like a junior.”

“There was a need for someone who was actually in the school and on the streets seeing everything go down,” Stummer said.

Strummer resides in downtown Albany and notes that it sometimes can feel like it’s own planet.
On the @AintDatUA account, they try to bring people together through the comedy of that.

“It’s productive Debauchery,” said Stummer, who is currently working on a podcast that will be featured on the account entitled “It’s Always Cloudy in Albany.”

His idea for the show is to have people anonymously DM their wackiest and wildest stories to talk about.

“It’s not only for fun, but for people to relate to other student,” Stummer said. “Maybe what you did this weekend isn’t as bad as you thought it was in comparison to others.”

The link to submit your stories is included on the @AintDatUA Instagram page, and the podcast will soon be available on SoundCloud.

The runners of the account want to stress that it’s not just a comical social media page, but a brand. Gomez sates

“Our vision behind the brand is what we hope to bring more to light as it continues to grow. Our vision being that we want to Create a close-knit Albany prided on diversity, creativity, and community,” Gomez said.

“We have plans to bring more art, inclusiveness, and a sense of togetherness through apparel, entertainment (online and offline) as well as campaigns and content that will push for a far more decorative and cultivated Capital of New York State.”

If you want to know what’s happening around SUNY Albany, or simply want a taste of student culture go give @AintDatUA a follow. It’s sure to impress, or at the absolute least, make you double over in laughter.

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