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Agent 007 back in action: ‘Spectre’ versus ‘Skyfall’

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By Leobianny Hilario


“Spectre” is a classic James Bond movie, no doubt about it.

Directed by Sam Mendes, the movie’s action-packed scenes are both amusing and thrilling. The new adaptation of the classic James Bond film was released on Nov. 6 in theatres.

James Bond is played by Daniel Craig, which was a great casting choice. The movie revolves around the discovery of a sinister organization that Bond tries to uncover while simultaneously M, played by Ralph Fiennes, battles political forces that are trying to shut down the secret service agency.

For such an ambitious film, the overall experience was unoriginal in the best way possible. It was typical Bond with a modern-day twist, the movie started off with a dazzle and ended with a fizzle.

Its opening scenes left the audience in awe as we saw Bond in action both fighting and flying in a helicopter over civilians in Mexico, which had audiences thinking “Wow!” But then, the film melts back into what we have seen before.

He saves a woman named Madeleine Swann (played by Léa Seydoux) whom he falls in love with. Her character will charm you with her sass and independence, but even she is no match for the suave Mr. 007. Swann turns into the weak female lead even though she fights alongside Bond, who himself follows the formula of bad boy-turned-good.

The cinematography was amazing and the movie was skillfully directed by Mendes. However, the film followed standard Bond protocol: fight the bad guys, charm ladies and protect the secret agency. A formula to which most would say, “Well, that’s why we love James Bond,” but after watching the same danger-loving hero being forced to choose a path between his mission or love so many times before, is it actually worth the visit?

“Spectre” is a film for those die-hard original Bond fans, because in the end it’s everything you would expect from a Bond movie. To those who admire a Bond film with an original take on his story, well, unfortunately you will just have to keep on waiting.

Many critics would agree that the 2012 movie “Skyfall” is better and that “Spectre” doesn’t make the cut.

“Skyfall” trumps its successor because it humanizes Agent 007 by showing his past and his feelings towards his life and career. “Spectre” only delivers feelings when it’s towards his love interest. The CGI is also highly acclaimed in “Skyfall,” but this is where I would argue that both movies are equally great.

Bottom line is that action lovers can’t go wrong with either movie because, let’s be real, a license to kill is a license to thrill. No James Bond movie would be complete without a tux and the oh-so charming line: “It’s Bond, James Bond.”

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