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After 20 years hiatus “Stine” tingling series returns

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By Rachel Lubin

Contributing Writer

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   R.L. Stine, the man responsible for bringing the world the “Goosebumps” series back in the 90s is making a comeback. He has just released the first new “Fear Street” book in 20 years. For many kids growing up, the “Goosebumps” books were an all time favorite and a staple for the bookshelf.

   Robert Lawrence Stine was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio on Oct. 8, 1943 and went on to attend Ohio State University. Bob, as he was called growing up, began writing joke books at the young age of nine with an old typewriter he found in his attic. The author currently lives in New York. To date, Stine has written over 300 books of horror-fiction and jokes that appeal to people of all ages.

Stine's new book: Party Games. Photo credit: amazon.com
Stine’s new book: Party Games. Photo credit: amazon.com

The new novel in the “Fear Street” series, “Party Games” joins the other 80 books in the series. In a recent interview, Stine confirmed that six new “Fear Street” books will be coming out shortly. In “Party Games” a group of teenagers are at a friend’s birthday party in an estate on a small mysterious island with a murderer on the loose. Avid R.L. Stine fans are hyped about the new release. Stine keeps up with his fans via his Twitter account and many tell Stine that they dreamed of writing since reading his stories. Fans attribute their yearning for literature to Stine, some having become authors and librarians since being inspired by Stine as a child.

   R.L. Stine’s writings allow for the reader to choose an ending and gives additional options for how the characters will advance. For example, in “Give Yourself Goosebumps,” at the bottom of particular pages there is a note telling the reader to skip to a certain page and gives two page choices, the entire story line is different depending on which page the reader chooses. If desired, you can read the book multiple times and get a different story each time. This exemplifies the true talent of Stine that he can run many different story lines through one small children’s book.

   In 2015, the film adaptation of “Goosebumps” will hit theaters. The film does not follow one specific book from the series but is based off of the series in general. According to Stine in a recent interview at Thrillerfest, an annual conference of the International Thriller Writers, the concept of a film for “Goosebumps” is 22 years in the making. The film, directed by Rob Letterman, and written by Mike White and Darren Lemke, depicts many of the “Goosebumps” monsters. R.L. Stine is also a character in the film, and comedian and actor Jack Black is playing him for the silver screen.


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