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1,000 extra ParkFest tickets to be released

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By Will Gaitings


The University at Albany Student Association announced Wednesday it would release 1,000 additional ParkFest tickets in a lottery format after the event sold out in just three days.

ParkFest, which will take place on State Quad Field on April 24, is one the university’s most anticipated events of the spring semester. The event features a number of musical guests, which this year’s headliner being hip-hop artist Future.

Ticket sales began Monday and were expected to continue through Friday until SA announced the original 4,000 tickets were sold out. Due to high demand, the university approved the distribution of 1,000 additional tickets to UAlbany students via an online lottery system.

At Wednesday’s SA meeting, Donavan Swanson, director of programming, explained how students can enter the ticket lottery by visiting the university’s website, which they must do before Friday to be eligible.

“If you log into MyInvolvement, immediately there’s a pin,” Swanson said. “It says ‘click here to enter the lottery.’ Filling out this lottery does not guarantee that a student will get a ticket, it simply means that you are entering the lottery for a chance to get a ticket.”

Since Monday, students have voiced their concern about their inability to obtain tickets. One student stood in front of SA during their meeting and described her experience.

“I was in line for three days in a row and I never got a ParkFest ticket,” she said. “People were cutting, it was outrageous. There was a lot of anger going on in the crowd.”

SA has seen trouble with their ticket system in the past, as students have been able to obtain more tickets than allowed. Swanson noted how SA is acting appropriately to ensure no students double up, which can explain the reason for lengthy lines and heavy delays.

“In the past, a student would simply swipe their card and get a ticket,” Swanson said. “Understand that those high tech swipers only take the number of a student’s ID. That does not by any chance take into consideration if a student has already received a ticket. Meaning, in prior years, this was a flawed system in the sense that someone could jump back on line and get another ticket. The measures we took this year was making sure that not only would students swipe, but that we take down their names.”

The ticket system will be altered again for next year’s ParkFest, as students will be able to obtain tickets from their computers instead of waiting on line outside of the Campus Center.

”Next year, ticketing will be done online because the university has purchased a service for that,” Swanson said.

If students have any further concerns or questions about the ParkFest event, they are encouraged to fill a forum out under the lottery link on MyInvolvement.

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